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22+ Websites That Pay Writers For Guest Posts

If you’ve been wanting to start earning money as a freelance writer, or just have some interesting stories to share and would like to do some one-off writing and publish your article online for extra money, paid guests post opportunities are just what you need.

When I first got into freelance writing, I was eager to build up my portfolio so I could get hired for ongoing gigs. I had mostly a journalism-based portfolio at the beginning so I knew I needed to diversify it with blog posts and articles on different websites.

Doing guest posts is one of the best ways to build up your portfolio and get your name/work out there, but usually, guest posts opportunities are not paid.

Most of the guest posts I did at the beginning were for free but my very first one was paid and it felt great to receive compensation for all my hard work.

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That being said, if you’re looking to earn money from freelance writing rather quickly, paid guest posts are the way to go so you can earn as you build up your portfolio.

I’ve seen quite a few posts online with links to websites that pay for articles but a lot of the information is outdated. That being said, I plan to update this regularly so the information is always valid.

Whether you are looking to write about parenting, fashion, finance, sports, law, technology, travel, food etc. here are 22+ websites that will pay you for a guest post!

1. A Fine Parent

A Fine Parent was my first paid guest post opportunity. If you like writing about parenting topics, they pay $75 per article but you must send an outline first.

Currently, they are not accepting guest posts as they have enough articles to run through July. However, you can sign up to receive notifications for when they’ll open up submissions again here or just check in on the website in August when they’ll most likely invite writers to submit paid guest posts again.

2. The Write Life

If you’re interested in writing about writing, The Write Life has paid $75 per 600-900-word post. The Write Life is a great website for writers to receive tips, advice, and resources that will help advance their careers. If you have any writing tips or stories to share, be sure to check out their submission guidelines. They’re currently closed for submissions, but keep an eye out!

3. Travel and Leisure Magazine

If you’re a travel enthusiast, this digital magazine is run 95% by freelancers. They pay a flat rate, and it varies based on your article. However, they do pay upon submission.

Find out more about submitting your writing to this site here.

4. Pathfinder’s Travel

This is another travel site that pays writers $150 per 800-1,000-word travel post. They also pay $20 per image too if you’d like to submit your own images.

Learn more here.

5. Just Parents

Just Parents is another parenting website that pays $50 per guest post. Find out more here.

6. The Motley Fool

This is another personal finance blog that pays writers $100 for articles that are analytically sound, thoughtful, and well-written. It looks like you have to apply though to submit articles. Find out more here.

7. Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit is a personal finance site that accepts guest posts about credit and similar financial topics. They pay $50 per post and may consider working long-term with a writer who can consistently submit quality blog posts.

These submission requirements are from a few years ago but are still valid because I see that the admin on the site still actively monitors the page and responds to comments.

8. A List Apart

This is a digital technology website that posts content about web design, web development, and web content. They pay $50 per mini-post, $100 per article, and $200 per feature. Check out their submission guidelines here.

9. AppStorm

If you love your Apple devices, you can really cash in by writing a guest post for AppStorm. AppStorm publishes articles that discuss apps for the iPad. They pay $60 per submission and you can write an in-depth review, a how-to article on how to use a specific app or a roundup post. Learn more here.

10. The Great Escape

This is another travel website that pays writers. They pay $50-$75 for articles they request for the website, $100-$150 for interviews and personal stories, and $150-$200 for articles with specific income advice a reader can print and follow to earn more income.

Learn more by checking out their submission requirements.

11. Funny Times

If you are confident in your ability to tell funny stories and jokes, you can submit a guest post to this website for $75. They also accept funny cartoon drawings for $30-$50.

Learn more here.

12. IWA Wine Accessories Blog

Are you a wine lover? This site will pay you $20-$50 per 500-700-word blog post about storing and enjoying wine. They love to accept guest posts about the best ways to choose, use, install or enjoy wine cellars, racks, cabinets, and cooling equipment.

Check out their submission guidelines here.

13. LiisBeth

LiisBeth welcomes intellectual service articles, profiles, policy critiques, op-eds, interviews, and personal stories regarding experiences in the start-up space from a feminine perspective.

On average, they pay $250-$2000 per piece depending on the type of work, the original research involved, and length (typically 500-2000 words).

Read more about their submission guidelines here.

14. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is a popular magazine you might have heard of. They pay around $1 per word and accept guest submissions on topics ranging from fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Learn more here.

15. DailyWorth

DailyWorth accepts guest articles surrounding women and money. They pay $50 per guest post. You can find what they’re looking for and learn more here.

16. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a popular invoicing and payments website for creatives and small business owners that pay contributors $100+ per 800-word guest post submission.

You can send your pitches here.

17. The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a popular website that is always interested in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry submissions. Their mental health section reportedly pays writers up to $200 per guest post.

Learn more about contributing to the Atlantic here.

18. SB Nation

SB Nation pays for some sports contributions. I did some digging and couldn’t find much about their current rates. If you really want to write about sports, you should reach out to them by sending a pitch and negotiating your pay.

19. LadyQ’s

LadyQ’s is a women’s site that pays writer’s a base of $50 per opinion and editorial pieces, how-to articles, and product reviews. You can find contributor guidelines and instructions for how to submit your pitches here.

20. Loaded Landscapes

Loaded Landscapes is a photography blog that focuses on articles related to landscape, nature, wildlife, and travel photography. Writers are paid $20-$150 depending on the article and the writer’s experience. To apply, click here.

21. Blogger Hangout

Blogger Hangout is a place for writers to go to understand blogging and become more successful at it. The target audience of Blogger Hangout is writers looking to make a full-time income from their blog. They pay $50 per blog post at this time. To apply, click here.

22. Elite Personal Finance

Elite Personal Finance writers shoot for posts between 1,000-3,000 words. Writers will make $300 per post. A few of the accepted topics with Elite Personal Finance are loans, credit cards, identity theft, and credit reports. For more information, you can click here.

23. Make a Living Writing

Make a Living Writing pays $75-$150 per post on topics like blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting, and other blogging niches. For more information, check out their guest post submission guidelines here.

Bonus Tip: Become an Ongoing Paid Writer

Once you land your first paid guest post, it will feel awesome. For me, it sparked my motivation and drive to become a paid freelance writer and land clients who could offer me regular assignments.

If you are interested in earning more as a freelance writer, I launched a course that can help you get started called Freedom With Freelance Writing. 

If you have a laptop and love to write this course can help you start earning as just a side hustle or turn you passion into a full-time business.

If you want to learn how to pitch winning clients the right way, I also have a course called Freelancer’s Winning Pitch that will help you get started and score a quality new client in 10 days or less.

22 Websites that Pay Writers for Guest Posts

Have you ever heard of or written for any of these sites? What would you add to the list? Do you have any questions for me about freelance writing and submitting guest posts?

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