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Guiding G2 Advisors on the Path to Partnership

To build a sustainable enterprise—one that will take your firm’s name into the future—there’s one key strategy you shouldn’t ignore: establishing a clear plan for talented G2 advisors to become leaders.

Making a commitment to a young advisor’s personal development can play a vital role in recruiting and retaining advisory staff. It can also translate into a powerful synergy with your next-gen advisors and help you deliver a stellar client experience.

To realize these benefits and unlock more of your firm’s potential, take these steps to create a path to partnership for G2 advisors:

Road graphic Mapping a Pathway to Partnership for the Next Generation

At Commonwealth, our Practice Management team has been working with advisors to help them prepare next-gen advisors for the move from employee to leader. But it’s important to remember that mapping out the next generation’s path to partnership takes time. Whether you’d like to make someone a partner in the next few months or the next few years, it’s wise to get started now. Ultimately, creating an effective internal succession strategy can help strengthen and future-proof your firm.

To learn how Commonwealth advisor Joleen Yelton rose through the ranks of her firm, watch this video.

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Why Hiring a Next-Gen Advisor Can Be Good for Your Business

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