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How to Use Instagram Stories to Market Your Business

With hundreds of millions of users, many of whom are active each day, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. The introduction of their “Stories” feature gave users a new way to engage with their favorite content creators in a hands-on way.

Instagram Stories is a tool that can be effectively used by businesses as a promotional tool, as Stories allow users to engage directly with followers and potential customers to receive feedback and information.

Research shows that roughly 60% of Instagram users make purchases or engage in other offsite content as a result of seeing Instagram Stories. From medical services at to beauty products from Sephora, all brands and companies can advertise their products or services with the use of Instagram Stories.

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To learn how to use
Instagram Stories to effectively market your brand,
keep reading.

#1. Use Hashtag and Location Stickers

To allow your content to reach a much larger audience including those who don’t already follow you, add relevant hashtags to your stories, and tag your location.

Both of these
things are searchable by users interested in certain topics, issues, brands, or
services that are relevant to your brand.

Using Instagram Stories to Market Your Business

#2. Encourage Audience Engagement

One of the most unique things about Instagram Stories is the way it allows an audience to engage with brands and other content creators.

Adding features that
encourage audience participation will help boost engagement on your stories,
which will lead to a higher chance of them showing up on more users explore
pages and thus giving your brand more exposure.

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Creating polls or using a question box gives your current audience a direct way to engage with you while helping you boost your content to other users.

#3. Add a Swipe Up Link

Instagram Stories make it easier than ever for users to go from the platform directly to an offsite link with the use of swipe-up links that can be posted on stories.

Posting a story
that is relevant to a particular product or service and including a swipe-up
link can not only boost potential sales or bookings for that product or service
but can drive traffic to your website overall.

Plus, swiping up on
links for your brand will allow your ads to show up to users who are now
determined to be interested in your content.

How to Use Instagram Stories

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