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Learn to Pick Great Stocks with My Premium, Online Course in Value Investing – Mastermind

There are no secrets to the art of sensible stock picking that most people don’t know of. The literature has been there since the 1940s, when Ben Graham, the father of value investing, first wrote about it in his landmark book The Intelligent Investor.

Other practitioners of this art, like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Seth Klarman, Walter Schloss, and Howard Marks have been writing about it for years now.

So, you can find hundreds and thousands of resources in print and on the Internet on how you can become a smart, successful investor. However, what I found lacking ever since I started learning this art of sensible stock picking myself, was a structured, step-by-step approach to do it.

I never knew where to start and how to proceed. I could never find a mentor who would hand-hold me in my learning journey.

With this thought in mind, and after interacting with a lot of investors who were sailing in the same boat as I was, I set out nine years back to combine all my investment learning of more than a decade (now almost two decades) – both personal experiences and what I learned vicariously – to create a course that teaches its students what the world’s best investors have practiced for years i.e., Value Investing, and how they did it successfully.

I also sifted through a mountain of amazing books, documents, lectures, and other resources so that I could bring on the table just the very best ideas and lessons in investing and building wealth for other investors to learn.

And thus was born The Safal Niveshak Mastermind – my premium, online course in Value Investing.

Nine years later, the course has been studied by more than 10,000 investors worldwide, and has received tremendous appreciation for the quality of its content and structure, and for how it has empowered its students to become better stock market investors.

Like, here’s a student feedback I received on the forum –

Here are a few more –

Mastermind has strengthened my investment skills and techniques, allowing me to know which stocks are fundamentally sound. ~ Sean S., Singapore

One of the best courses I have ever done, and one of the best investments I have made. I recommend the course to anyone who is interested in value investing. ~ Antony S, US

I consider Mastermind as one of my life changing journeys. By subscribing, I pat myself on taking the best decision at this stage of my life in improving myself. ~ N. Venkateswaran, India

Mastermind is basically a step-by-step, structured approach to teach you the right investing mindset and stock picking process that has created some of the best investors in the world. These are the very lessons I have also applied to my own investing life to achieve my financial freedom.

The goal of the Mastermind course is simple – To help you get richer and wiser every single day.

What You Get As a Student?

While there’s a lot going on inside Mastermind, here is largely what you get when you join as a student –

  • 50 detailed, downloadable lessons over 7 modules (see detailed curriculum), with case studies of listed Indian companies, that cover –
    • Creating the right value investing mindset
    • Building a behavioural framework to avoid biases and create the right investment thought process
    • Widening your circle of competence by learning how to analyze industries
    • Assessing business quality – separating good from gruesome
    • Analyzing financial statements to find well-performing businesses
    • Estimating intrinsic valuations using various time-tested methods
    • Identifying competitive moats and whether they are sustainable or fleeting
    • Building and managing a portfolio of sound businesses
  • 18 hours of pre-recorded lecture and Q&A videos
  • 2 Live Q&A sessions spread over one-year
  • Exclusive, members-only forum for questions and exercises (rich archive of 6,000+ postings from past students)
  • Assignments and exercises at the end of each lesson to help you practice what you learn
  • 7 readymade stock screens to help you identify the best businesses to invest in and worst the avoid
  • Detailed stock analysis spreadsheet (otherwise priced at ₹1999)
  • 100% online: Start instantly and learn at your own schedule

At What Price?

The Mastermind course is usually priced at ₹19999 (inclusive of GST). However, I am offering it at ₹5000 discount – or a net price of ₹14999 – till 15th June 2022, or for the first 100 subscribers, whatever comes early.

A lot of past students have called Mastermind’s price being “very low compared to its intrinsic value” and thus “carrying a great margin of safety.” I would not want to comment on that, except that I know if I had such a course on offer in the early years of my investment journey, my investment trajectory could have been at a much higher orbit.

Now, I will leave that for you to decide, once you go through the detailed curriculum, what’s on offer, and what my past students have to say about the course.

World’s Best Investor’s Advice

Warren Buffett often says, “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” That could very well be the best advice he has ever offered.

There has never been a better time to put your future squarely in your own hands – and master a valuable skill like sensible stock picking that will help you forever…now and right through your retirement years. That’s exactly what Mastermind could help you with. You’ll get the nuts and bolts of value investing. And you’ll learn the investment process that’s proven successful for several decades. And I will be there, working hard to help you succeed.

Thank you for your time.

Regards, Vishal



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