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Super Colorful Comic Art Bible Reading Plan Printable


Is anyone else automatically reminded of a superhero comic book?? 

What if I told you I combined some beautiful comic-inspired art with the Bible? This bold and fun printable is the perfect way to inspire kids to read through their Bibles!

Check out this free super colorful comic art Bible reading plan printable!

Super Colorful Comic Art Bible Reading Plan Printable

Super Colorful Comic Art Bible Reading Plan Printable

This Bible reading plan printable is so COOL! It’s a great way to get your kids involved on a well laid out reading plan, especially boys.

This printable breaks down each book by a few chapters at a time, making it perfectly manageable for every day reading. This is a great way to get all your kids reading Bible study topics, and then spending time together as a family going on over what they’ve read!

Some questions you can ask your kids after they do their reading:

  • What stuck out to you the most?
  • Did anything confuse you about what you read?
  • What did you learn about God’s character from these passages?
  • What do you want to pray for?

I’ve got a ton of reading plan printables for everyone in the family!! 🥰 Everyone can have their own, based on what design they like. 

Super Colorful Comic Art Bible Reading Plan Printable

Download the super colorful comic art chronological bible reading plan printable here.


Fun Ways To Use This Printable:

There are some super cool ways you can use this printable Bible reading plan! Let’s take a look…

Hang Up Bible Study Plans In Kids Rooms

What better way to remind your kids to read their bibles than to hang up this printable in their rooms!

We don’t ever want our kids to think we are “nagging” them to read their Bibles…ideally we would want them to pick it up on their own!

With some gentle encouragement and by hanging the Bible reading plan printable up in their room, they are SO much more likely to want to.

Plus, this would make some really fun decor in a boy’s room. Simply frame it or laminate it and hang up for them to see! And don’t stop there – hang it up on the fridge, playroom, etc.

Give As Bible Study Gifts

These would make great gifts for a kids Bible study, small group or Sunday School class! Give as a Christmas present so they are ready to start the new year digging into God’s word with a way to keep track. 🥰

These would be super easy to laminate and hand out in their classes, you really don’t even need a special occasion. This printable is free so you can print and gift as many times as you’d like!

Make A Bible Story Comic Book

Now this one involves a lot of imagination, time and FUN!

Encourage your kids to read through their Bible reading plan, and make their very own “Bible” comic book!

Grab a binder and hole punch this printable to add to it. Fill the back with lots of blank paper. Now, how often you do this is completely up to you and your schedule. I would suggest once a week!

Each week have them pick their favorite story or scripture they read, and make an illustration of it on one of the pages!

If they use this as a 1 year Bible reading plan to read through the entire Bible in a year, they will have a 52-page comic book done!

You can even amp it up by getting the papers bound, including a fun title cover and surprising them with this as a gift. 😊

Overall, this is such a great and FUN way to get your children into reading God’s Word!



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