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20 Best Financial Dashboards for Making Business Decisions

6. Expense By Location

Which locations in your company cost the most by month, quarter, or year? See a clear graphical view of the different areas of your business by expense. This finance dashboard lets you identify more and less profitable locations and departments. It can also help you allocate resources more efficiently and build a robust understanding of your expense reports.

7. Available Inventory

Knowing what’s on hand down to the second can help you spot anomalies and errors, flag sales increases, and stay on top of unexpected expenses. When you uncover these issues early, you can address them before they cause serious problems in your business. Inventory tracking without a simple dashboard like the one in this example can be prohibitively time consuming, especially as your company grows.

8. Forecasted Revenue

This forecast financial dashboard example can inform your team about the right steps to take to scale or right-size your business. The more data you put into the system for past and projected expenses and earnings, the more accurate the model is. Revenue forecast dashboards like this can also help you dial in your cash flow management.

9. Forecasted Payables

Along with projected revenue, accounting dashboards that predict your future payables can help you understand your company’s current bandwidth. With this forecasted payables dashboard, you’ll get an easy way to fine-tune payment patterns, bolster vendor relationships, and lock down your working capital ratio.

10. Revenue vs Goal

Nothing motivates like real-time revenue metrics, especially when balanced against company objectives. This easy-to-parse financial dashboard example shows your goal, your current situation, and your performance in a simple gauge. Drill down for more detail and create insight-driving reports.

11. Net Value of Fixed Assets

The net value of fixed assets metric lets you make better decisions about how to use your long-term assets. This financial dashboard template reveals asset value, now and historically, along with depreciation. It can help your team make better decisions about when to modernize your assets or when to replace them, or repurpose them.



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