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Friendship Day Hand Lettering Practice Sheet

You know how much I LOOOOVE hand lettering! 🤩 And if you haven’t noticed by now if you’re starting it too, is that hand lettering is much more like drawing than writing – but in many ways harder!

My shaky hand is the one thing that has been the first thing I’ve been working on. Feeling like I’m just gonna “ruin” it. That’s why these hand lettering tutorials are so important…to gain confidence in your writings and will definitely improve ALL of your artistic skills!

And what better way to let your church friends know how much you care about them than by creating something handmade?! I created this tutorial to provide some great, complimentary, meaningful words for you to share with your friends – and sharpen your skills while you’re at it! 🎉 

Grab this friendship day lettering practice sheet below…

Friendship Day Lettering Practice Sheet

Friendship day is July 30th every year, but you can use these ALL year round!!! 🥰

Words include:

  • Buddy
  • Memories
  • Best Friend
  • Trust
  • Cooperate
  • Fun
  • Caring
  • Playful
  • Balloons
  • Laughter
  • Love
  • Sharing

I have always loved getting handwritten notes from my kids, friends, and family.  It always makes me feel so good to get something that lets me know how much someone cares.  Using this tutorial you, and your kiddos of course, can make some FANTASTIC handmade cards to give to friends. 🥰

Make a card with a collage of the words on the front.  Hand letter each word in a different color of use different shades of the same color family. Then write a sweet note on the inside.

Or you could write your note with these words included. Write the note normally, and every time you get to one of the words in the tutorial do the hand lettering which will make the word stand out from the rest of the message. Notes like this are so visually fun to read!

You could also hand letter one important word on colored paper and make a cute picture for a friend. Or use several words on a page to make a cute picture collage that they could look at all the time to remind them how much you care.

When you make it personal you make it special. Have fun and bless your friends by downloading and practicing this tutorial!

Grab your hand lettering PDF FREE download below…

Friendship Day Hand Lettering Practice Sheet

Download the Friendship Day Hand Lettering Practice Sheet here.




Friendship Day Hand Lettering Practice Sheet




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