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How to select the best lighting for your home for every budget

Traditional to contemporary lighting can be found in a wide range of price points. Metals, glass, crystals, bamboo, and fiber-based fixtures exist in various sizes and shapes. It’s also possible to use floor lamps and wall sconces in a home’s decor. These include ceiling lamps, spotlights, pendant lights, chandeliers, and light strips.

Nowadays, people are highly selective when picking lighting elements for their home’s interiors and outdoor lighting, such as gardens, verandas, walkways, balconies, or even the house’s front door.


best lighting for your home for every budget


Choose wisely

People make many misconceptions about lighting, but the most common is the assumption that only one lighting style will be sufficient for a room. That’s a sentiment that interior designers would tell you is entirely untrue. When it comes to lighting, layering is the best way to go. Each room should have at least one of the three basic indoor illumination types. They include:

  • Ambient: Also known as general lighting, ambient light permeates the room and permits safe movement. It is usually recessed, track, or wall-mounted.


  • Accent:   Picture lights, wall-mounted fixtures, and track lighting sometimes have dimmers installed for ambiance.


  • Task: As the name implies, task lights help you complete a specific task. Pendant lights hanging over a kitchen island or desk lamps are examples.

Lights that use less electricity

You can spend less money on lighting your home with the same amount of light when using energy-efficient fixtures, and LED lighting saves an average household in energy bills.

These include 40W, 60W, 75W, and 100W incandescent bulbs, reflector bulbs for recessed fixtures, track, task, and undercabinet lighting. It is possible to change the color and the tint of white light produced by LED bulbs.


Lighting suggestions


  • There should be a lot of light from the primary source. To create a cozy atmosphere, utilize LED lights with the appropriate wattage.


  • Consider the ceiling height before putting up a fixture such as a chandelier. It is installed at least seven to eight feet above ground level.


  • In addition to creating a welcoming atmosphere, outdoor lighting can also help protect your property.


  • It is essential to guarantee that no shadows fall on the working area by positioning the lamp correctly.


  • A side table with a lamp is decorative and functional as a reading light.


  • The bedroom lamp should be easily accessible from the bed.


  • Make sure that the light fixtures you choose match the overall decor of your home and furniture.


  • When purchasing fixtures, look for ones that are easy to maintain; spare parts and accessories should be readily available in the future for repair.


  • Ensure that the children’s rooms are well-lit and welcoming. For your safety, avoid floor lighting and glass lamps.


  • Having extra plug points for lights (such as fairy lights and lamps) on hand for special occasions and celebrations is always good.


To conclude

How you light a space has a lot to do with its purpose. Pendant lights or table lamps can provide valuable and attractive ambient lighting.


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