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Meet Bryan, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

Whether you’re shopping for a new home, a vacation getaway property in the mountains or a creative refinancing option, the Mortgage Team at Elevations Credit Union has ideas for you! Mortgage Loan Originator Bryan Fuqua is ready to answer your questions and work together to find the best home loan for your plans. He’s been assisting Elevations members since February of 2021 and is now based in our new Greeley Loan Production Office. Learn more about Bryan and his approach to residential mortgages and refinances in this article.

Bryan Fuqua believes in empowering others. He models his work after the popular mantra Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

“I could tell someone, ‘You’re approved for mortgage, go buy a house.’ Or, I can go into detail as to why they’re approved for the mortgage,” he said. “Going forward, they’re in the know for future purchasing. Whether it’s a new house, an investment property, or anything else, a home is a huge purchase. But a mortgage is just like any other type of loan.”

Bryan also likes to compare buying a home to buying a car, but you have to add an extra zero to the end of the loan amount. He likes to remind members with jitters about the mortgage process that they’ve likely already managed an auto loan. Much like buying a car, you’ll also shop for insurance, browse several models, learn about a payment plan and partner with a financial institution to finance the purchase.

Finding the best-fitting loan

Bryan assists Elevations members with a variety of new residential home loans and refinance options. He’s happy to discuss first-time purchases, investment properties, downsizing from a family home to a condo and everything in between.

His favorite part of the mortgage origination process is coaching members in the process and empowering them to choose the loan that best fits their life plans and current budget.

“I like to encourage and teach financial literacy to people so they know how to make the right decisions. I’m a true believer in giving the information that needs to be given to make the best decision based on their life,” Bryan explained. “That’s my idea of what I should be doing.”

Before joining the Elevations Mortgage Team, Bryan worked in banking for 14 years. Over the years he’s worked his way up from bank teller to banker, system manager, business manager and branch manager. Eventually he landed in the mortgage department and discovered residential financing was his sweet spot.

Tips for first-time homebuyers

Bryan likes to make members comfortable during their first interaction. He laughed as he mentioned, “I know exactly where you’re at. I’ve been there twice (buying homes). It’s not the easiest, but it is impactful and you will remember it for the rest of your life.”

When it comes to jumping into a loan application for the first time, Bryan has tips to share with Elevations members. He says being aware of your credit score is crucial. A credit score between 700 and 740 (or higher) is preferred for mortgaging. He also encourages members to know their debt-to-income ratio. If that’s a new financial term for you, he’s happy to help calculate the percentage and offer tips for reducing debt.

Then comes the inevitable chat about a down payment. For some first-time homebuyers this can be a roadblock to home ownership, but Bryan says is doesn’t have to be.

“I’m always encouraging the idea of gifting down payments from friends or family that are willing and open to it,” he said. “Some people are afraid to ask but I’m a true believer, you never know until you ask, and it never hurts just to see if there is an opportunity because it can always help your buying power.”

Enjoying time at Elevations

When asked what he likes about being part of the Mortgage Team at Elevations, Bryan shared a laundry list including: having multiple services (like underwriting) under one roof, the member-first approach and having supportive colleagues. These things all make Elevations an ideal workplace.

“I’ve been in the banking world for, I think, my 15th year starting now. And I can 100 percent say that I have enjoyed what I do, where I do it and who I do it with more now than in my entire work life,” he said. “Elevations truly does care, not only about the members, but about their employees too.”

When he’s not working out the details of a loan, Bryan is enjoying life with his wife and raising two sets of twins, ages 2 and 4. The four children are water babies and love to do anything related to swimming, splashing or bathing.

Are you ready to learn more about making a home purchase or refinancing your current loan? Reach out to Bryan Fuqua (NMLS# 1226160) at (720) 257-4208 with your questions. You can also email



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