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This dynamic strategy blows my mind

Below is the outcome of the backtesting of the Unovest Dynamic Strategy

Results for an SIP of Rs. 10,000 from Oct 1, 2016 to April 1, 2022

This is what I did in the above test.

  1. Monthly SIP of Rs. 10,000 from Oct 1, 2016 to Apr 1, 2022 (both days included)
  2. Yearly Rebalancing or change in portfolio based on in house model
  3. Have only 1 investment at any point in time
  4. Passive options through Mutual Funds / ETFs, as far as possible.
  5. No Small Cap funds.

I have been testing the strategy in several ways and every time the results blow my mind away. It shows what a focused, dynamic strategy can do to the portfolio.

However, the strategy is demanding in terms of time, patience and discipline. There will be periods when you would find other investments working great. There can be negative return periods too.

To make it work –

  • Execute the strategy as per your model, without bias or second thoughts.
  • Give at least 5 years for the strategy to deliver.

Note: I run these tests on the all new simulation tool available on unovest.in . The test is just one of the possibilities, there can be several. Past results cannot be used to determine future outcomes.

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