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Tracing: God Gives Us Good Things Drawings

Today I wanted to have our children focus on all the GOOD things that God does for us, and so I created this Tracing: God Gives Us Good Things Drawing set to do just that.

I hope it brings your child or student joy as they fill in the worksheet and color or draw their way to thinking more accurately about how much God really does do for us in our daily lives…the things we so often take for granted!

Grab the download below…

Tracing: God Gives Us Good Things Drawings

The first page of this booklet is a worksheet that can be used as an instructional piece of material. It shows them how God gives us such good things. It says, “God is so good that even while we are sinners, He still saved us. He loves us so much He sent His own son to die for us so that we can have eternal life.

After He died for us on the cross and saved us, He helps us to point our lives toward Him. To be good people, to worship and praise Him, and to be used for His kingdom.

What are 3 ways He can use you today and what are 5 things you are most thankful for that He has given you?”

Then it gives children lines to fill in their answers. 

On the following pages, I designed them so that they can either trace the lines to learn to draw OR color the pages in as-is. 

If tracing, you can use tracing paper (here’s where to grab some on Amazon) or a tracing board. I have this tracing board (to learn to draw) and it works GREAT!

Either way, they will have lots of fun, all while focusing their hearts and minds on what God did for us on the cross and how He blesses us so much each and every day! 

Download the God Gives Us Good Things drawing set here.





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