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Dangers of Succeeding at Sedentary Jobs

If you’re interested in making a lot of money, you’re probably looking at sedentary careers. After all, these days, some of the best money stands to be made when you’re sitting at your computer. If you’re successful at your sedentary job, you may be tempted to work overtime, just as anyone would.

succeeding in a sedentary career comes with some risks that you should look out

You May Become Less Physically Fit

Careers that
require physical exertion mean that you get to work out while you work. The
more you work, the more fit you’ll be. However, when you’re working at a
sedentary job, the more you work, the less likely you are to exercise.

Furthermore, if you’re busy asking yourself whether your discomfort is coming from bunion vs bone spur pain, it can be nearly impossible to convince yourself to exercise. If you realize that you’re spending most of your time sitting around and your body is paying the toll, seek out whatever kind of treatment you need for your physical pain so you can be active again.

Succeed at Your Sedentary Job With Caution

Your World May Begin to Shrink

Whether you work
at an office or at home, the world can begin to feel smaller when you spend
most of your time at a desk. You may find that you are reluctant to go out and
do things you once enjoyed.

Small changes in
your schedule or challenges in everyday life can start to feel overwhelming. It
can get to the point where the only place you feel comfortable is at your desk,
doing your job.

It’s important to
remain active and engaged even though you make your living at primarily
solitary, sedentary work. Practice saying “yes,” even if you’re not thrilled
about the activity.

You Can Feel Less Engaged With What
You Do

Even if you love
your career, when most of the work is done at a desk, it can start to feel
distant from your lived experience. You may struggle to feel connected to your
peers or the people who your decisions affect.

It can be much easier to set aside the welfare of others or take your job less seriously when you don’t have in-person communications or active engagement with your work. If you feel that you are far removed from your career, it may be worth seeing if you can spend some time in the office if you work from home. Zoom meetings instead of emails or visiting job sites can also be a good way to engage.

Succeed at Your Sedentary Job With

Naturally, you
are proud to be successful in your career. However, if what you do is sedentary
work, make sure to take time to guard yourself against the pitfalls of success.

Succeeding at Sedentary Jobs

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