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Art of Accounting: 9th anniversary column

This column marks the ninth anniversary of these “Art of Accounting” practice management columns. I am blessed to have been able to write them and to not miss an issue during this period. I also am thrilled to have been working with Michael Cohn as my editor and to have become friends with him.

I met Michael while attending a practice management conference sponsored by Accounting Today. I had an idea for these columns that I intended to be semi-autobiographical and asked Michael if he thought they would be appropriate for Accounting Today. He took a look at them, did some editing and we moved forward together. At some point I used up my original ideas and started writing about situations colleagues were calling me about. That extended the columns beyond my own experiences and made me able to post 468 consecutive weekly columns with fresh ideas.

Looking back, I am very proud of these columns. The quality was validated when I received the 2018 Eddie Award from Folio Magazine, a publishing industry trade publication. The award’s name is a coincidence and was called “Eddie” long before Folio ever heard of me. Recently I wrote a column that I particularly liked and asked my son Andy, a journalist and co-author with me of the “Reviewing Tax Returns” book to read it. He replied, “You always like everything you do, so why would this column be any different?” I feel that part of being successful is to be proud of what you do.

A comment for would-be authors is to write things you are proud of. Reread and edit as much as possible until you get it just the way you want it to get your points across and hopefully to induce positive actions. 

In reviewing my output I found that 10 columns of mine that have been included in the print edition of Accounting Today are particularly helpful to colleagues. The title (as it appeared in the print edition) and a brief description of these articles starting with the most recent are linked below to the original online versions:

I wrote all of these and really liked how they came out.

All the best and thank you for continuing to read my columns.

Have a Happy, Meaningful and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Do not hesitate to contact me at with your practice management questions or about engagements you might not be able to perform.



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