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How to Solve QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed Error

Subscription offers a temporary license to use QuickBooks desktop software, and in rare instances when QuickBooks can’t verify the subscription, it gives an error message “QuickBooks subscription has lapsed.” Once you get the “QuickBooks subscription has lapsed” error message, you will no longer be able to use QuickBooks and install its updates. As suggested by the error message, updating credit card info and verifying the internet connection is not enough to resolve the error. You might need to perform additional troubleshooting to fix the subscription has lapsed error. Following the article, you will learn how to remove subscription expired error message from QuickBooks.

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What is QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed Error?

Cannot Log into QuickBooks because of Expired Subscription

QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed Warning

Whenever you run or install QuickBooks updates, it first verifies the validity of the subscription. For any reason, if QuickBooks fails to confirm the user subscription for the application, it displays an error message “Sorry, it looks like you need a Subscription to Start Using QuickBooks.” An expired subscription is not always the reason you can’t log into QuickBooks, and there also exist other causes that prompt the subscription has lapsed warning message to display on the user’s screen.

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Reasons that Triggers “QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed” Error

Expired QuickBooks Desktop subscription is the most primary reason that causes QuickBooks subscription has lapsed error message to display, down below we have listed all the other reasons that cause QuickBooks Subscription Error:

Sorry it looks like you need a Subscription to Start Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop Subscription has Lapsed Error

  1. Network connectivity issues are caused by a misconfigured internet browser or a problem with the router.
  2. Intuit has discontinued the QuickBooks desktop version you are using.
  3. Because of outdated credit card information, QuickBooks cannot renew your subscription.
  4. Outdated QuickBooks Desktop application.
  5. Sometimes, installation errors can also trigger issues verifying the subscription in QuickBooks.

Steps to Verify QuickBooks Subscription

Solution 1: Update Credit Card Info in CAMPS

QuickBooks is a subscription-based service, and if you have saved your credit card in your QuickBooks account and activated auto-renewal, your QuickBooks subscription will automatically renew at the end of your current subscription. However, when you change your credit card or billing info and forget to update the new payment info in QuickBooks, the auto-renewal will fail, and you will end up getting a “QuickBooks subscription has lapsed” error message.

  1. Open your web browser and visit http://camps.intuit.com/.
  2. Sign in to your QuickBooks account and select the Product section.
  3. Open Product Details and select Billing Information.
  4. Click Edit and enter the most recent billing information.Update Billing Info in CAMPS
  5. Hit Save and Continue and now open QuickBooks to sync the license.
  6. Select Manage My License from under the Help tab.
  7. Click Sync License Data Online.

Solution 2: Delete QuickBooks EntitlementDataStore.ecml File

QuickBooks EntitlementDataStore.ecml file stores the product registration information, and if due to corruption the file got damaged, QuickBooks can’t read the file to verify your subscription to the product. Deleting the file will force QuickBooks to create a new file that can help you resolve Subscription has lapsed Error.

  1. Exit the QuickBooks Desktop application, right-click the Taskbar at the bottom, and select Task Manager.
  2. Right-click the QBW32.exe file under the Processes tab and select End Process Tree.End QBW32 Process
  3. Click Yes for the confirmation and then open Windows File Manager.
  4. Navigate to C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit\ Entitlement Client\ v folder and delete Entitlement Data Store. ecml file.Delete Entitlement Data Store File
  5. Finally, open QuickBooks once again and re-register the application without delay.

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Solution 3: Install the Most Recent Updates of QuickBooks Desktop Software

Outdated QuickBooks is one of the most common reasons for getting different errors in different QuickBooks functions, including the application’s ability to verify the subscription. Installing the latest available updates of QuickBooks resolves general application issues and makes it faster and better.

  1. Open QuickBooks and click the Help tab from the menu bar.
  2. Click Update QuickBooks Desktop, and the application will then take you to the Update QuickBooks window.
  3. Go to the Update Now tab and make sure Essentials, New Features, Maintenance Releases, Help, and Accountant options are selected.Update QuickBooks
  4. Click Get Updates and once the updates are downloaded, restart QuickBooks.QuickBooks Update Service
  5. Now click Install Now on the Prompt that requires your permission to install the updates.
  6. Once the updates are installed, try to run QuickBooks and access the company file to check if the QuickBooks Subscription Error is resolved.

If you continue to face the issue with your QuickBooks subscription, then follow the next troubleshooting method.

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to Resolve Installation Errors

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is specifically designed to rectify installation errors that can sometimes cause difficulties for QuickBooks to verify your subscription.

  1. Download and install QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub.
  2. Run the tool using the desktop icon or search Tool Hub using Windows search.Search QuickBooks Tool Hub
  3. Go to the Installation Issues tab from the left pane and click QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to run the tool and repair the general installation errors.
  5. Once the tool finishes resolving installation errors, run QuickBooks Desktop and verify if this solution resolves the error.

To Sum up

If QuickBooks still can’t verify your subscription even after following all the suggested troubleshooting steps, then you might need to contact our error support team. Our Support Experts have years of experience resolving such subscription-related errors and can quickly help you get rid of QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed error message. Call +1- 855 738 2784  to get in touch with the experts immediately.

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