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5 CPE Courses To Be Grateful For

The end of the year is nearing, which means it’s crunch time for CPAs who still need to  earn those mandatory CPE credits. Accounting CPE credits can be acquired by participating in various courses, webinars, and conferences throughout the year. We’re sharing 5 great course options that you’ll be grateful for while finishing your CPE credits for the year. Every course listed meets NASBA and IRS requirements. 

1. Accounting – An Industry in Flux

Instructor: Canopy

Type: On-demand Webinar, Self-Study

Credit Hours: 1

Small businesses are switching accounting firms at a higher rate than ever before. So what are clients looking for from their accountant in 2021 (and beyond)? Canopy recently commissioned an exclusive study to find out. Join us as we dive into the answers uncovered by the 2021 Accounting Client Expectations Study.

2. Introduction to Forensic Accounting

Instructor: Robert K. Minniti

Type: On-demand Webinar, Self-Study

Credit Hours: 1

With an estimated 10% increase in the need for accountants in the next 8 years, there is a special demand for forensic accountants. This forensic accounting and fraud examination course will examine the primary functions, certifications, qualifications, and an overview of forensic accounting. This forensic accounting course will detail how to use the avenues available in the field, common tips and tricks for testifying, and what to expect when working as a forensic accountant. Forensic accounting is important to law offices, consulting firms, law enforcement agencies, public accounting firms, and insurance companies.

This forensic accounting and fraud detection course will ensure that you understand what a forensic accountant does, know the professional designations and associations in the field, and what to expect when working as a forensic accountant. 

3. 5 Reasons Your Practice Isn’t Growing

Instructor: Jason Blumer

Type: On-demand Webinar, Self-Study

Credit Hours: 1

As you grow your business, you are sure to encounter challenges, and myths of making it grow. In this course, we will examine 5 myths found in growing a tax practice, how to combat them, and give you tools so you can avoid them in your practice. Growing your tax practice may be difficult but this course will give you some insight on why you may be stuck, and some key elements you can implement to make your tax practice grow like no other.

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls, grow your tax practice and gain valuable insight from Jason Blumer, who has been growing and operating an entirely virtual practice for many years. 

4. U.S. Expatriate Taxation 

Instructor: Roger Healy

Type: On-demand Webinar, Self-Study

Credit Hours: 1

Individual taxpayers who do not live in the US are given many significant benefits. Amongst these valuable benefits is the ability to exclude certain earned income from US taxation, credits for taxes paid to foreign governments, and longer time to file taxes. However, owning assets and investments outside the US carries additional reporting requirements. There are significant penalties associated with failing to properly comply with the requirements. 


This course will introduce the special exclusions, credits and filing requirements applicable to individual taxpayers living outside the US.  The course will also highlight the provisions of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which apply uniquely to individual non-resident taxpayers.

5. Cyber Security – Part 1

Instructor: Tanya Baber

Type: On-demand Webinar, Self-Study

Credit Hours: 1

Cybercrime, cybersecurity, phishing, malware, ransomware, the list goes on and on. “But it really doesn’t pertain to me, right? I’m too small and I really don’t have anything of value to hackers.” 

Are you sure that’s the case? Do you want to gamble on those odds? Do you know that you have a legal responsibility to safeguard information? What about the financial devastation that could occur by ignoring this very important issue? If you’re not sure of the answers or just want to know a little more about cybersecurity for accounting, this course will address the basics of securing your client information and protecting yourself. The reality is that almost half of all cyber-attacks are perpetrated against small businesses. And 60% of those businesses fail within six months of an attack, possibly because they lose about $7.68 million in an average attack. 

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