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Nearly all Canadian business owners willing to seek help for mental health

In its new survey, BDC found the primary sources of stress for those who said they would seek help for a mental health problem are concerns of a cash shortfall (62%) and the recession (51%).

To deal with mental health issues, these business owners emphasize coping tactics such as finding quiet time to relax (59%), receiving physical activity (53%), and enjoying time off or vacation (43%).

“Canadian business owners are more open than ever to seeking mental health support when needed. That’s encouraging news,” said Annie Marsolais, chief marketing officer and mental health ambassador at BDC. “The fact that seeking mental health support is no longer as taboo as it was in the past is very positive.”

The report also touches on how business owners perceive their workers’ mental state. On that front, it found personal finances are the primary source of stress for half of their workforce.

Work/life balance is listed as a major cause of stress by almost half of the company owners polled (48%), which is mirrored in the steps they are taking to encourage good mental health among their team members.



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