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How ScotPac’s Partner Portal boosts broker productivity

Scotpac’s Partner Portal can’t make you coffee, but this dream assistant can help busy brokers organise their work, save time, and arrange marketing and priority tasks, so they can focus on their main task – supporting SMEs.

The ScotPac Partner Portal is an interactive solution that allows brokers to quickly find the right finance options for clients based on their individual needs, significantly minimising time spent on paperwork. And it’s absolutely free.

“It’s an easy-to-use sales, marketing, and lead-generation platform designed to help brokers quickly engage, qualify, and convert more leads,” said Craig Michie, group executive for client acquisition and asset finance at ScotPac.

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The platform enables brokers to make better use of their time to build the best businesses possible.

It “greatly improves the speed of communication with clients and leads and the time required for finance applications and approvals,” Michie said.

The platform also provides sophisticated campaign and marketing tools at no cost, saving brokers thousands of dollars to buy these from marketing companies.

The customisable social media and email marketing campaigns are designed by some of the best digital marketing minds in the country but are backstopped by ScotPac’s team of BDMs.

ScotPac’s Partner Portal also has a series of video tutorials on areas like how to set up a profile and how to launch marketing campaigns to their clients and leads via email, newsletters, and blogs for brokers new to the platform.

“The result is that brokers are provided with a virtual support community,” Michie said. “[The platform] also acts like a virtual assistant that can be accessed at any time for things like borrowing capacity calculators, product selector tools, and application dashboards.”

Uploading application details is simple and fast. And in the case of asset finance, the Partner Portal can provide near-instant conditional approvals.

So, for brokers who can’t afford the significant time and revenue drain involved in manually working out which leads are worth pursuing, or chasing clients for unreturned documents, they may find their dream assistant in ScotPac’s Partner Portal.

“The Partner Portal puts all the information and all the tools a broker needs to succeed in one place,” Michie said.

The ScotPac leader said the Partner Portal “will continue to evolve and incorporate new products and content in response to feedback from brokers.”

What do you think about ScotPac’s Partner Portal? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 



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