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Episode #471: Gary Zimmerman, MaxMyInterest – SVB, FDIC, & How to Maximize ROI on Cash – Meb Faber Research

Episode #471: Gary Zimmerman, MaxMyInterest – SVB, FDIC, & How to Maximize ROI on Cash


Guest: Gary Zimmerman is the Managing Partner of Six Trees Capital LLC and Founder of MaxMyInterest, a software platform that allocates individuals’ cash among their own bank accounts so that they earn the most interest possible while staying within the limits for FDIC government-deposit insurance.

Date Recorded: 3/14/2023     |     Run-Time: 57:57

Summary: In today’s episode, Gary shares what exactly has happened with the Silicon Valley Bank situation. Then he shares the risks people are exposed to with cash balances, why MaxMyInterest helps investors earn alpha and avoid what happened with SVB, and how his clients are earning over 5% on their cash balances today.

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