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12 Collectibles That Aren’t Worth More Than a Spot in Your Next Garage Sale

There must be joy in collecting items one can sell for a profit; for some, there is a career in collectibles and antiques. With the collectibles market set to grow at 4% over the next decade, there is no surprise people are keen.

Collecting comes from the heart, with folks clinging onto their heirlooms, ornaments, or baseball cards, hoping to one day cash in. However, a recent online post says collectibles are not always as valuable as one might think.

Here are 12 collectibles that, sadly, are not worth the investment.

1. Beanie Babies

Los Angeles, California, United States - 08-24-2021: A view of a collection of Beanie Babies stuffed animal toys.
Image Credit: The Image Party/Shutterstock.

When they first entered the market in 1995, the trend for Beanie Babies was contagious, with millions sold worldwide. In the same year, some of these charming soft toys went for ten times the amount they sold originally. Like all fads, the hype went flat, and with it, their value.

2. Vinyl Records

Close up of vinyl record with records collection
Image Credit: Popartic/Shutterstock.

Only limited edition or obsolete vinyl is worth holding onto; even then, you won’t be able to enjoy it, with any wear and tear pushing its value down. In recent years, vinyl has had a Renaissance, meaning research and a hawk’s eye are necessary for serious record store hunters.

3. Norman Rockwell Collector Plates

old objects for sale at a flea market
Image Credit: OVKNHR/Shutterstock.

A prominent antique magazine values Norman Rockwell plates at $10 each, a sharp drop from their last reserve of $50-$75. America’s ‘storyteller’ is best enjoyed for his huge contribution to American heritage.

4. Pez Dispensers

Colorful Pez dispensers from the 1980s and 1990s are seen against a black background
Image Credit: Erin Cadigan/Shutterstock.

Who ever thought these were a good investment? Pez dispensers will earn any collector a measly buck or two. If you are sitting on a mountain of them, there could be something there. The most expensive edition? The Elvis Pez Dispenser will fetch roughly nine dollars.

5. New Star Wars Toys

Tambov, Russian Federation - July 06, 2016 Four Lego Star Wars minifigures - Anakin Skywalker, TIE Pilot, Zev Senesca and Republic Trooper - on Lego gray baseplate background. Studio shot.
Image Credit: Ekaterina_Minaeva/Shutterstock.

We keep seeing hoards of Star Wars memorabilia unveiled. A recent caché of 400 mint-on-card (still in mint condition and packaged) figures earned a Chicago owner a tidy sum. However, Baby Yoda (Grogu, for Geeks like us) is so ubiquitous that any future windfall is unlikely.

6. Royal Family Memorabilia

Windsor, UK - October 21st, 2018; Windsor souvenir shops with Royal Family faces.
Image Credit: Tania Volosianko/Shutterstock.

The British Royal Family has been in a difficult phase of late. However, they still receive adulation every time there is a royal event, such as a wedding or coronation. Coins, plates, and ornaments these days are mass-produced, so your King Charles money clip is better just as a money clip.

7. New Comic Books

Woman reads comics in bed at home
Image Credit: nikkimeel/Shutterstock.

As with cars, new comic books’ value plummets the moment they leave the store, and within a short time, they are worth very little. However, any comic book from the ‘30s through the ‘50s can earn millions, potentially.

8. Stamps

Old postage stamps from various countries on wooden table
Image Credit: Nitr/Shutterstock.

Another mass-produced product is not a feasible investment without knowledge and research, even if they are old. Flawless, older stamps may be worth something, as with the British Penny Red stamp that sold for $495,000 several years ago.

9. Porcelain Dolls

Antique porcelain doll collection laid out in front of old fireplace
Image Credit: Ben Romalis/Shutterstock.

As much as I would gladly ban these toys from existence, millions are still out there — waiting for me. Luckily for me, only specific, rare dolls will be allowed out of their creepy bedrooms. However, I would politely run away even if offered a rare porcelain doll.

10. Model Train Sets

toy train on the rails
Image Credit: Evgenii Cherniatev/Shutterstock.

Vintage train sets can fetch a good price on auction sites, but only the most obsolete. The problem is that train collectors take too much care of their toys. Now, mint-condition vintage sets are easy to find for only $100 on most websites.

11. Barbie Dolls

barbie dolls
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

In 1959, Barbie dolls hit the shelves in America and beyond. If you are lucky enough to own an original Barbie from that year, you may get your hands on $25,000. In reality, you don’t, and that 1978 doll you have been harboring is worth no more than $20.

12. Cabbage Patch Kids

cabbage patch kid,outside examining the grapes
Image Credit: See Nature at its best/Shutterstock.

Eighties kids like me remember these adorable dolls and the hysteria with people buying them in droves. Dolls are never a good investment, especially if they spent their life at the whim of children’s hands.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.



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