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iMas Contact & Escalation Info

Debt Review, CLI Claims, Administration & Sequestration Telephone Number:

012 674 7000 – option 3 

These email addresses can help you get to the right people with a particular issue: – F17.1, 17.3, 17.7, Paid-up letters, Reckless Investigations documents & related queries ONLY. – Administration applications & court orders, payment schedules/reports, Sec74Q (rescission) & Sec74U (paid up) & related queries ONLY. – Voluntary surrender applications, sequestration orders, rehabilitation orders, trustees’ reports, requisition & related queries ONLY. – Death certificates, Retrenchment letters, Medical Certificates, Deceased CLI claim forms, Disability CLI claim forms, CLI approvals, Repudiation letter and related queries ONLY. – Court applications, Court/Consent Orders, complaints & related queries ONLY. – F17.2, Proposals, Refunds, CLI Cancellation, request for Balances, Settlement letters & related queries ONLY. – PDA Statements, Debit Order/Salary Stop Order Cancellations & related queries ONLY. – F17.4/F17w & Termination queries & related queries ONLY.




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