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You Need To Stop Believing These 10 Lies Immediately

Despite what the universe is telling you, these ten lies aren’t true. You might swear that they are, but we promise they’re not. Please stop believing them.

1. If You’re Running Late, You Will Be Stuck at Every Possible Red Light


Someone added, “And if you’re trying to take your time because your carry-out order won’t be ready for another 15 minutes? You will catch every possible green light.” 

Another user commented, “The red lights happen when you need to go to the bathroom too!” Historyinpeanuts agreed, “Yes if you have to go badly, the car in front of you is notified. So they cannot physically go faster than 10km under the limit, or it will blow up a la Speed.”

2. Time Passes Quicker The Older You Get


Another argued, “Your brain reuses pathways to make memories when it can. If you do the same thing every day, then it reuses them rather than forming new pathways and new memories. Reusing an existing path makes time feel faster, and creating new ones makes it feel slower.”

They concluded, “The older you are, the more pathways you have to reuse. The more settled you are into a routine, the more you reuse the same ones. So the more weird and crazy things you do, the longer your life feels. So go out and do new things, live in new places, and try new experiences and you’ll have a longer life.”

3. Changing Lines Is The Kiss of Death


One person stated, “It is the kiss of death to change lines at the grocery store.” Another user added, “And the shortest line is always the slowest moving. I.E., there’s a reason nobody is in this line, but no one will tell you what it is.”

4. Bad Days Can Always Get Worse


One person said, “If I’m having a bad day, it can always get worse.” Another added, “When I have a terrible day, my belt loop has a 99% chance of getting caught on a handle/doorknob. It NEVER happens on a good day.”

Several people agreed their days always get worse. Lastly, a user explained, “That’s because minor inconveniences are the end of the world on a bad day.”

5. You Can Make Things Foolproof, but The World Will Make Better Fools


Another user admitted, “It reminds me of a Douglas Adam’s quote. ‘A common mistake people make when designing something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.’”

Lahmmom added, “The difficulty of designing bear-proof trash cans in a National Park is that there is considerable overlap between the intelligence of the smartest of bears and the dumbest of tourists.”

6. Baby Wipe Makers Are Intentional


One parent volunteered, “The makers of baby wipes intentionally wrap them in a way so when you pull one out of the container. So you get 2-3 and waste them because they are impossible to put back in.”

7. How You Drive Is Linked to How You’ll Push a Shopping Trolley

shopping-cart-with -women

One person said, “The way people drive and the way they use a grocery shopping trolley (cart) are directly linked.”

Another agreed, “I swear by this, and also how they walk down the street. I’m convinced people who go sideways or stop in the middle of the sidewalk without looking around will do the same when driving.”

8. Stock Market Manipulation


Someone said, “It’s the reason why a handful of billionaires own all of the major news sources…”

Another person agreed, “This is exactly how the stock market works. Values are based on perception. Perception is based on exposure to information. Exposure to information comes through publicity. Publicity is written with an agenda.”

9. Being Alone Is Better Than Having The Wrong People in Your Life


Someone shared a quote, “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone. Bobcat Goldthwait wrote this line for a movie called World’s Greatest Dad. But Robin Williams was the actor who said the line.”

10. They Changed The Reese’s Recipe


One person agreed, “The chocolate is hit or miss – sometimes it’s incredible chocolaty goodness, and sometimes it’s all crumbly and tastes like ash. But NOBODY ELSE KNOWS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, AND GOOGLE DOESN’T EITHER.”

Another explained, “Many candy companies switched to vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter in their chocolate, which makes a huge difference in taste (I think). The candy with the vegetable oil always tastes and feels waxy to me.”

A thread inspired this post.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.



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