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10 Essential Sabine Wren Episodes in Star Wars Rebels

Sabine Wren first appeared in the series Star Wars Rebels as part of the main cast. She was unique to the series as the residential Mandalorian, which hadn’t been explored much outside The Clone Wars.

Now with popular series like The Mandalorian and Sabine’s arrival in Ahsoka, it’s a good time to revisit why Sabine’s story is vital to the larger story of Star Wars. Here are her essential episodes from Star Wars Rebels.

1. Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

Aside from the first episode, “Spark of Rebellion,” which is Sabine’s introduction, “Out of Darkness” is the first hint of her complicated past. She was part of the Imperial Academy before joining the Rebellion with the crew of the Ghost.

The Empire taught her never to question orders, something she doesn’t appreciate when the leader of the Rebel cell, Hera, keeps information from her. Sabine must learn to trust her leader when she and Hera go on a mission together. Danger lurks in the shadows, forcing them to work together and learn to trust the other.

2. Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters, Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

“Blood Sisters” tackles one of the more unique aspects of Sabine’s history: her time as a bounty hunter. An old ally and rival named Ketsu Onyo appears, looking to take the score from the rebel cell.

Sabine faces off against Ketsu and might end up convincing a new ally to the Rebellion’s side in the process.

3. The Protectors of Concord Dawn

The Protectors of Concord Dawn, Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

“The Protectors of Concord Dawn” is an essential episode for Sabine’s character and the first of many significant stories for the bigger Star Wars universe. Much of the groundwork for why things happen the way they do in The Mandalorian starts in Star Wars Rebels. This episode is Sabine’s first run-in with other Mandalorians and why her name and clan hold great pain for her people.

Redemption is a central theme of Sabine’s story, and it’s not a typical kind of redemption fans see in Star Wars. The series slowly reveals the horrors of Sabine’s past and why other Mandalorians despise her and her family.

4. The Antilles Extraction

The Antilles Extraction Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

Not only does “The Antilles Extraction” bring the Original Trilogy hero Wedge Antilles into Star Wars Rebels, but it’s also an episode where Sabine again must face her past.

She must go undercover at an Imperial Academy to rescue Wedge and Derek “Hobbie” Klivian, another familiar face from The Empire Strikes Back. It also has one of Sabine’s best fights as she goes toe to toe with the villain, Governor Arihnda Pryce.

5. Imperial Supercommandos

Imperial Supercommandos Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

The exploration of Mandalore and its purpose in the bigger Star Wars universe continues in “Imperial Supercommandos” as one of Star Wars Rebels’ mini-bosses is introduced with Gar Saxon, the Imperial Viceroy of Mandalore.

Gar’s arrival explores the divide among Mandalorians, with those who follow the Empire and those, like Sabine, who support the Rebellion. It’s another effort of Sabine rising up to the occasion into more of a leadership role in the series.

6. Trials of the Darksaber

Trials of the Darksaber Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

This episode is by far the most important Sabine episode of the entire series. With the Darksaber coming into her possession in the episode “Visions and Voices,” Sabine must learn to wield it if she is ever to save her family and planet. As her Jedi mentor Kanan Jarrus trains her, Sabine faces her past traumas and the mistakes she has made.

It’s a powerful performance by Sabine’s voice actor, Tiya Sircar, and by far a significant highlight for the series as a whole. The episode is character driven and deeply emotional, showcasing why Sabine is a fan-favorite character in this standout episode.

7. Legacy of Mandalore

Legacy of Mandalore Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

Legacy of Mandalore is a personal episode for Sabine as she returns home to face her family, particularly her mother. With hopes to recruit her clan to the Rebellion, Sabine finds that this mission isn’t as straightforward as she thought with her father being an Imperial hostage.

The arrival of Gar Saxon complicates things for Sabine’s mother, which leads to a thrilling conclusion for this section of the story. Sabine also swears to find the true leader of Mandalore, a course of action with substantial implications for The Mandalorian.

8. Zero Hour

Zero Hour Part 1, Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

The season three finale of Star Wars Rebels is a harrowing battle that stretches across the ground, space, and different planets. The Ghost crew clashes with the evil Grand Admiral Thrawn in a desperate attempt to flee for their lives. For Sabine, this is the first real step in pulling her family and Mandalore into the bigger Rebellion.

While her mother can’t give much aid, Clan Wren fights enough to save the rebels’ lives and catch the enemy’s ire.

9. Heroes of Mandalore

Heroes of Mandalore Part 1, Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

Sabine and her family bring together their allies to rescue her father and take back their planet from the Empire. These actions lead her directly into the path of Lady Bo-Katan Kryze, who also wants to save Mandalore. Sabine’s past mistakes catch up to her, which places her at odds with Bo-Katan.

The season four opener has crucial story implications for all Star Wars, setting up The Mandalorian and capping off a significant chapter of Sabine’s story.

10. Family Reunion and Farewell

Family Reunion and Farewell, Star Wars Rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

While many of the Sabine episodes in Star Wars Rebels set up the story of Mandalore and how it fell for The Mandalorian, the series finale lays the groundwork for Ahsoka thanks to the epilogue.

This part of Sabine’s narrative ends here, setting up her search for her friend Ezra Bridger, how and why Ahsoka Tano is involved, and why Grand Admiral Thrawn is missing. “Family Reunion and Farewell” is a beautiful ending to Star Wars Rebels, setting up the next chapter of Sabine’s journey.

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