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10 Friends’ Character Write-Offs That Shocked Us The Most

Friends is beloved not just for the main cast, but the supporting guest actors and characters that have appeared on the show. Someone recently asked, “Which character has the absolute stupidest reason for leaving the show?” Here is what Friends fans had to say. 

1. Tommy

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Someone suggested, “I think Tommy (Ben Stiller) would have provided a nice arc if they went beyond the one episode. But Ross, going ballistic, trying to show everyone how imbalanced Tommy was funny stuff.”

Another quoted, “Quack, Quack. I’m sorry you went doody on my hand!”

2. Clifford “Cliff” Burnett

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One person admitted, “Not one that bothered me. But I always thought it was weird that the guy (Eddie McClintock) Phoebe met in the hospital just disappeared after she went to be with Rachel giving birth. I don’t know. They could have followed that up more, especially after they hinted toward it after he forgives her for sending Joey in as Dr. Drake Ramoray.”

3. Danny

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“The whole Danny being weird with his sister,” shared one. “Danny seemed like a dumping ground for character ideas. There’s the yeti bit, Rachel’s attempts at mind games, and the sister thing. So he’s like three different characters and plot lines in one.”

Another agreed, “Yeah, the whole inappropriate sister thing was nasty.”

4. David the Scientist Guy

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“I know this will be controversial,” shared one. “But honestly, David (Hank Azaria). They kept bringing him back and having him leave. Then when he finally returns, she leaves him very abruptly for Mike, who, quite frankly, I didn’t even think Phoebe had ANY chemistry with, though I love Paul Rudd.”

“I always felt Mike needed more hook, and he and Phoebe did not work well for me. She just seemed to like him for no apparent reason.” Another agreed, “Yeah, I love Paul Rudd, but after everything, Phoebe and David should have ended up together.”

5. Gary the Cop

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“Gary (Michael Rapaport) shooting the bird,” someone shared. “It was so incredibly random and wasn’t even built up or justified in the slightest. So it made zero sense that he’d do that. He never was shown as gun-happy, didn’t appear to dislike birds in the slightest, and always seemed very focused on making Phoebe happy.”

“Earlier in the episode, Monica even says not to get flowers for Phoebe because when they die, there’s the whole funeral thing, etc. And she’s a vegetarian, so he shoots a bird in front of her? Even if they had just shown him earlier in that episode all of a sudden hating the sound of birds, that would’ve made it seem a little less out of the blue.”

6. Julie

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“Another one I have yet to see mentioned is Julie (Lauren Tom). I get that she left because Ross loved Rachel, but I always felt like Julie was done dirty. She was such an excellent match for Ross, and while that doesn’t beat true love, it still sucks. So, of course, Julie ending up with Russ makes perfect sense,” one user confessed.

7. Pete Becker

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“The worst write-off for me is Pete (Jon Favreau) as well,” one admitted. “He was such an interesting character and would have been a great husband to Monica. But the Ultimate Fighting Champion thing just came out of nowhere.”

Another quoted Pete, “Let me ask you a question. Am I the Ultimate Fighting Champion? Well, I’m not going to stop until I’m the Ultimate Fighting Champion.”

8. Kathy

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Someone exclaimed, “Kathy (Paget Valerie Brewster)! All that build-up, and we barely even got to see her and Chandler together.”

Another agreed, “Kathy all of a sudden sleeping with another man. Like, yes, Chandler was being insecure and unreasonable in that episode, but it just felt like such a cop-out that she’d actually sleep with that other guy.”

9. Phoebe Abbott

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One user nominated Phoebe’s mom. “I always wondered, too, because Teri Garr was so perfect. But right after her guest appearances, she started having health issues. I know she eventually got diagnosed with MS, so that might be why she didn’t return.” Others agreed with this sentiment.

10. Joanna

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“I always think it’s horrible they killed off Rachel’s boss, Joanna (Alison La Placa),” one stated.” Another confessed, “I’m lowkey upset about Joanna BECAUSE we lost Sophie too. Their dynamic was hilarious.”

Another quoted Joanna, “I guess you can’t be my assistant forever, Rachel. Neither can you, Sophie. But for different reasons.”

We hope you enjoyed these picks of Friends characters that they wrote off dirty.

A thread inspired this article.

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