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Debt once took Tatiana away from her family, but not anymore

Tatiana is married with three sons. After purchasing a home in 2018, it ended up needing more renovations than anticipated. She and her husband were forced to put $10,000 on their credit cards when they didn’t have the cash on hand to cover the cost. In addition, their new home came with higher everyday expenses, which made paying off the debt an uphill battle. 

While Tatiana works hard, her income wasn’t enough to make a dent in her debt after paying the regular bills. Despite never missing a payment on her credit cards, the interest from her old debt kept her standing in place. But she wanted to resolve it so that she could move forward and start looking into retirement. 

Before Tatiana found National Debt Relief, she was working more than one job while trying to pay her debt. Much to her dismay, this stole family time on weekends. Despite her best efforts, her strategy didn’t work because the interest kept getting ahead of her. When she decided that debt relief was her best option, the next step was finding a company she felt comfortable with. Since Spanish is her first language, having the ability to communicate easily took top priority.  

Speaking her language 

As Tatiana explains, “I went to the internet to try to find which one is the best company and when I checked, National Debt Relief was number one. I called and the person who helped me was the best. He was very clear. He was speaking Spanish. That’s why I made the decision to do all of this with this company, because we had to do something to change our life. And I felt so comfortable.” 

Tatiana was able to take a deep breath and relax. Since she no longer needed to work all hours of the day, she had more time to spend with family. “I can stay home more; I can go out more because I have more money in my pocket. So, we feel much better right now. 

When you know you are in the right way, I feel peace because I knew when we were going to finish the payments. Before that, we didn’t know. We just pay, pay, pay,” states Tatiana. 

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A long road cut short 

Before she found National Debt Relief, Tatiana spent eight years trying to pay off her credit card debt. She was relieved to find help because, “If we didn’t find them, we could’ve taken maybe 43 years to pay all my debt. So, I’m so glad that we found this company because I feel more comfortable right now.  

National Debt Relief changed not only my life, but my family life, because now I can spend more time at home. Before that, I had to work sometimes during the weekends to pay all my minimum payments. So, my family feels so happy to have mom home.” 

Travel is in her future 

Now that Tatiana is almost done resolving her debt, she has big plans for the future. Her first goal is to pay off her house in 10 years. She is also excited about satisfying her wanderlust, which is something she couldn’t do while struggling with debt. “I couldn’t travel. I didn’t have any money. My husband and I are planning to go on a trip,” explains Tatiana. 

Tatiana wanted to thank her Debt Coach Angel, who she described as thoughtful and helpful. She shares, “Angel took his role at NDR very seriously. It felt like it was his business, and that he wanted to make sure I could accomplish my goals.” 

Let the people at National Debt Relief help you write your success story. We have supported over 500,000 people nationwide every step of the way to help them resolve their debt, regain financial independence, and adjust their spending habits to remain debt free.  

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