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4 Low-Cost Updates to Make to Your Home This Summer

Your home needs constant care and regular updates so that it can stay in great shape. This may call for a lot of money, something that’s difficult if you have a debt to deal with. The good news is that there are a number of low-cost updates that you can make to your home this summer so that you keep it in an amazing state without getting even deeper into debt than you already are.

1. Upgrade Your Bedding

One of the best and most affordable upgrades that you can make to your home is to upgrade the bedding. While at it, you can get a new mattress, especially if you’ve had your current one for a long time. If you want to go shopping for a new mattress, keep in mind that spring mattresses have been around since 1857 and they’re still one of the most popular types of mattresses. This means that you should look into getting a spring mattress that’s good quality. When you do this, and pair this purchase with a few good bed sheets and bed covers, you may make your bedroom a lot more comfortable.

2. Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Next, it’s surprising what a thorough cleaning can help you achieve for your home. This is the case for both your home’s interior and the exterior. If you don’t have any experience working with a pressure washer, you may want to look into exactly how to do it. Alternatively, you could hire a professional to come and pressure-wash your home’s siding. This will take away all the dirt and grime that’s accumulated over the past seasons, leaving your home looking as good as new. Keep in mind that the average cost of installing vinyl siding comes up to anywhere from about $4.15 to $15.25 per square foot, according to This Old House. This is a tidy sum that you’ll have to pay for damaging your home’s siding if it’s not already in a state that needs repairs. That said, it’s best to try and avoid this from becoming an eventuality.

3. Declutter Thoroughly

Another low-cost upgrade that you could make to your home this summer is to do a thorough decluttering of your home. This only needs time and able hands, so you can set aside a free afternoon or a weekend, depending on the size of your house and how much clutter you have in the house. You can collect items, appliances, and other things that you no longer use in your home and either give them away or sell them. By selling them, you can take a proactive step towards getting money that will help you manage your debt and finances. While you may be a long way away from a bankruptcy filing, keep in mind that one of these remains on your credit report for up to 10 years. It’s therefore good to do all that you can do to avoid this from becoming an eventuality in any way.

4. Paint The Interior

The final low-cost upgrade that you can make to your home in summer is to paint the interior. While it’s generally possible to negotiate and get a fair price for your painting job, you can save even more money by doing it yourself. If you’re in good physical shape and can find a few people to help, all you need to do is to look for instructions online. These can help you get the job done well and teach you a thing or two that you might benefit from in the future.

Consider making any or all of these upgrades to your home this summer. They don’t have to break the bank and add on to the debt that you have to deal with. They can help you save some money while keeping your home in amazing shape.



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