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The Road to Financial Freedom

Are you someone who feels anxious about your financial future, if you will have enough for your financial milestones, to fund children’s education and build assets for the family inheritance.

Or, maybe, after years of slogging at work, you now feel that life needs to take a different direction. You need to know if you are at a stage where you can make work optional.

Well, the good news is that we can figure it out.

We can play with FIRE

Don’t get alarmed. FIRE here stands for Financial Independence and Retire Early.

What if you can get good estimates on:

  • When can I be financially free?
  • Will I have enough money through my life?
  • How much do I need to retire today?
  • Am I likely to leave an inheritance?

Is it not better than you are aware of which of the following 2 scenarios you belong to and work to remedy one way or other?

Scenario 1 – Is there a challenge with your financial situation?

Scenario 2 – You are safely moving forward.

Well, you can become aware too. We have just the tool for it.

As I tried out the tool with many individuals, I realise how difficult it is for us to imagine our road to financial freedom.

We get so caught in the now, with transactions, with investments, with the hot thing that we forget to stop and take stock of the bigger picture.

We start chasing returns thinking that is the only way to get to a financially secure future.

We overestimate what we can do in 1 year and underestimate what we can do in 10 years.

Attributed to Bill Gates

I ask you to challenge the current assumption and go back to the basics.

The important role of time in Financial Freedom

It is quite well known now that time is the more important determinant of your future financial success.

You have the choice to work slowly through life, to enjoy the journey as it happens and finally enjoy the ripened fruits.

It is the best of both the worlds. This is an approach I practice myself.

The first step is to become aware and from that awareness you will decide the right course of action.

The Financial Freedom tool is designed to help you understand, acknowledge and even imbibe the same.

Let me leave you with a final thought… which, I believe, is echoed time and again.

The purpose of building wealth is independence.

Now, how far out are you on the road to independence, your financial freedom?

If you are interested in going down that path, write back to me and I will be happy to schedule a call to explore this with you.



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