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DCASA Conference 2023 – Debtfree Magazine

The day kicked off early with a welcome from Mr Reinhard Pettenberger (DCASA President). Then he handed over to Mr John Nickols who specializes in assisting people with trauma and anxiety counselling. He discussed the causes of and reactions to trauma and stress and how this relates to dealing with debt. He highlighted how trauma counselling and Debt Counselling go hand in hand in many cases and provided valuable insights.

Then Reinhard was back. This time with an update on the industry.

Progress or the lack of progress at the Credit Industry Forum (CIF) was covered and a reminder was given that the CIF are only discussing 3 topics at present including DCRS enhancements (to handle things like really big long term loans from banks) and DC Fees.

He also discussed statistics as shared by the NCR about the industry and updated members on all the meetings with various credit providers (such as Capitec, MFSA and Imas).

After discussing some other innovations that benefit members he spoke about what lies ahead for the association (incl a small membership fee increase).

Economist Mr Siphamandla Mkhwanazi discussed local and economic factors that are causing the financial stress being experienced by consumers and mulled over what may happen next.

Guests then had some time to engage with the various credit providers and suppliers to the industry who were exhibiting at the event.

Then there were some practical reminders by Social Media Manager Yolanda Fourie about the digital side of Debt Counsellors businesses. With billions of people online and on social media the reminders were apt.

Western Cape Branch Representative Ms Nadia de Weerdt encouraged members to grow their business from within and embrace what makes them unique to find their unique clients.

After lunch their was first a discussion by Mr Pieter van Zyl about how debt review and sequestration can be options for different clients and the differences between sequestration and voluntary surrender of estate.

Before the prize giveaways, there was time for the audience to submit questions to a wide panel of industry specialists from the NCT, NCT, credit providers, Debt Counsellors, Credit Bureaus and Attorneys.

The day then ended with some prizes and some fun and games.



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