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25 Completely Ridiculous And Outdated Traditions It’s Time to Boot

Certain traditions have stood the test of time, some even adding a touch of excitement to our lives. However, some practices are so ludicrous, terrible, or even harmful that it’s time we give them the boot! Here are 25 examples of the traditions that deserve the boot, since they are ridiculous and officially outdated. 

1 – Expensive Weddings

Newlywed couple, bridesmaids & groomsmen having fun outdoors
Image Credit: IVASHstudio/Shutterstock.

It’s time to reconsider the notion that a wedding needs to break the bank. Let’s shift our focus from extravagant displays of wealth to celebrating love and commitment.

2 – Down Payment for Engagement Rings

Man holding box with ring making propose to his girlfriend.
Image Credit: Mariia Korneeva/Shutterstock.

The tradition of spending a significant amount of money on an engagement ring can put an unnecessary financial strain on couples. Spouses should prioritize the relationship’s value rather than the diamond’s size.

3 – Smashing Birthday Cakes

smashed up birthday cake for baby's first birthday celebration
Image Credit: TobinCStudio/Shutterstock.

While it may seem harmless, smashing a birthday cake can create a messy and wasteful situation. There are less wasteful ways to celebrate birthdays, like personalized gestures or fun games.

4 – Shoving Cake Into Someone’s Face

Afro boy's face smashing cake. Kid smashes cake with face. Have a small bite. Here's a true gourmet.
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This practice often leads to discomfort and embarrassment for the person on the receiving end. People forget others might be allergic to certain substances and food.

5 – Forced Marriages

best places to elope
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Love and consent are beautiful things that should be the foundation of any marriage. This means forced marriages should not be in a modern and progressive society.

6 – Bullfighting

Matador in Ring with Bull
Image Credit: Motmot/Shutterstock.

Mostly practiced in Spain, the cruel spectacle of bullfighting inflicts unnecessary suffering on animals. It also puts humans at risk of injury that might cost their lives.

7 – Tipping Workers

man making payment with smartphone in restaurant
Image Credit: Dejan Dundjerski/Shutterstock.

Some workers have taken advantage of customers tipping them after rendering a service. Sometimes workers become entitled to these tips after rendering a service to a customer.

8 – Black Friday Shopping

Sao Paulo, SP / Brazil - November 22, 2018: Shoppers rush to buy televisions during a Black Friday sale at a Extra department store.
Image Credit: Nelson Antoine/Shutterstock.

Black Friday’s chaos and frenzy often overshadow some people’s rationality. The low price of goods leads people to buy products they do not need.

9 – 5-Day Working Weeks

Lazy unproductive office worker wearing funny sticky notes on his glasses and hiding his closed eyes
Image Credit: Stock-Asso/Shutterstock.

The traditional 5-day workweek can cause burnout and lead to a poor work-life balance. Employers must explore ideas like flexible schedules or shorter workweeks prioritizing employee well-being.

10 – Expensive Funerals

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The pressure to spend vast amounts on funerals can strain families financially. Let’s redefine these ceremonies to focus on personal connections and emotional support rather than costly displays.

11 – Asking Newlyweds About Children

Excited naughty, noisy African children running around mom on sofa, shouting, making mother upset, annoyed. Frustrated mum sitting on couch at home, feeling headache, stress. Parenting problems
Image Credit: fizkes/Shutterstock.

It’s time to spare the newlyweds from awkward conversations about childbirth. Those questions are personal, as spouses have plans for their lives that shouldn’t be a public matter.

12 – Touching a Pregnant Woman’s Belly

Handsome man is listening to his beautiful pregnant wife's tummy and smiling
Image Credit: George Rudy/Shutterstock.

Respecting personal space is essential, especially for pregnant women. Always show your support in other meaningful ways, like offering help or kind words.

13 – Celebrity Idolatry

Taylor Swift at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards at Staples Center, Los Angeles. September 6, 2012 Los Angeles, CA Picture: Paul Smith
Image Credit: eatureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.

While admiration for talented individuals is understandable, people can sometimes make the admiration excess. This means it’s okay to celebrate and recognize their contributions to society, but balance is critical.

14 – “Men Must Make The First Moves”

things to do after breakup
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Waiting for a man to make the first move can lead to a woman losing a rare chance. Approaching a person you find interesting doesn’t always have to be one way.

15 – Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Shot of young men and women enjoying a party. Group of friends having drinks at nightclub.
Photo Credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are often unnecessary, especially when it’s always on the eve of a wedding. It puts potential spouses at risk of carrying out an act they might regret.

16 – International Ketchup Day

New York NY USA-July 17, 2009 Individual single-serve packets of H.J. Heinz tomato ketchup
Image Credit: rblfmr/Shutterstock.

While ketchup is undoubtedly a popular condiment, dedicating an entire day seems unnecessary. Imagine if we have to do the same for all our spices and seasonings.

17 – Divorced Pekingese-Owner’s Day

Green Bay,WI, USA March 16, 2019 : Small white pekingese dog watching surroundings from car window
Image Credit: Karel Bock/Shutterstock.

Celebrating specific pet owners based on their marital status is an unnecessary act. Divorced pet owners are dedicated to honoring the same love and care all other owners provide for their furry friends.

18 – National Arbor Day

Female hand holding a young plant with soil
Image Credit: TierneyMJ/Shutterstock.

Arbor Day is important in promoting environmental awareness, but there are other similar days. Merging these celebrations is wise since they achieve the same purpose.

19 – Gym Selfies

Fitness man makes selfie in gym with weight
Image Credit: Shift Drive/Shutterstock.

Let’s face it, snapping selfies at the gym has become an epidemic. While it’s great to document personal progress, spending more time posing for photos than actually working out defeats the purpose.

20 – Presenteeism

Sick african american girl working from home office. Ill young black woman with cold, sitting at desk with laptop computer and sneezing for allergy.
Image Credit: Diego Cervo/Shutterstock.

The tradition where employees must show up at work even when sick or unproductive must be re-evaluated. It’s counterproductive and leads to the spread of illness and decreased overall efficiency.

21 – Bridal Showers

Girls holding the glasses of champagne. Making a toast.
Image Credit: Nadia Stepaniuk/Shutterstock.

Bridal showers often feel like obligatory gift-grabbing events nowadays. It doesn’t serve the supposed purpose it used to and leaves people struggling for gifts rather than focusing on meaningful connections.

22 – The British Monarchy

London, UK. 6th May 2023. King Charles III and Queen Camilla and other Royal Family Members on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla
Image Credit: Michael Tubi/Shutterstock.

The British Monarchy has had its fair share of supporters and critics. However, in this modern age, where democracy and equality are valued, hereditary power can be seen as outdated.

23 – Animal Exploitation

SAN DIEGO, CA/USA - JANUARY 17: Killer whales show in Sea World, San Diego, CA on Jan 17, 2016. It is an oceanarium, and marine mammal park.
Image Credit: Asif Islam/Shutterstock.

From circus acts to animal tourism, many traditions involve exploiting animals for entertainment. This has led to the extinction of some of these animals, indirectly affecting our ecosystem.

24 – Letting Balloons Go at Funerals

Balloons Stuck in a Tree
Image Credit: Jerry Bergquist/Shutterstock.

Releasing balloons at funerals may have been a symbolic gesture in the past. However, the released balloons end up as litter, threatening wildlife and contributing to pollution.

25 – Daylight Savings

shutterstock 627360626 scaled e1677250235598
Image Credit: Teerawit Chankowet/Shutterstock.

The tradition of daylight savings time, where clocks are adjusted twice a year, has long been debated. The original purpose of conserving energy no longer holds in our modern society.

Source: Reddit.

Boloere Divine Seibidor, fondly called B.S. is a Nigerian-based writer and poet. Her favorite topics to cover include music, especially Hip-Hop, film, lifestyle, and fashion. She’s been published by Feral Journal, Fantasy Magazine, The Temz Review, and most notably, Wealth of Geeks. She enjoys romantic dinners, movie nights, and touring new sites. When she’s not writing, she’s delving back in time to the underground world of Hip-Hop, watching TikTok, or visiting the cinema.



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