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17 Of The Hottest Takes About Costco You Might Agree With

Costco is a popular shopping destination for many reasons. Only some people are happy about the experience they provide, however. What are some of the unpopular opinions about everyone’s favorite warehouse store? We took a look at a popular online forum to find out.

1. It’s Okay To Buy Just One Item

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It may feel weird to go into a store that is known for buying things in bulk and walking out with one item. In fact, Costco probably wouldn’t encourage it. However, do your thing!

2. You Can Go In Just For The Food Court

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Later in this list, we will discuss why the Costco Food Court is a little overrated. On the other hand, it’s also genuinely okay if you love it. Go on, get yourself a Costco hot dog! 

3. Get Rid of Free Samples

Free Food Sample
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

If you have ever shopped inside a Costco, you have more than likely seen tables offering free samples of various types of food. Only some people are happy about that due to these free sample stations causing a bit of a traffic jam in the aisleway with everyone lined up to get free food. Some commenters in an online discussion group want free samples eliminated so they can shop in peace and not have to navigate around the crowd.

4. Get Rid of Self-Checkout

Costco Self Checkout
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Self-checkout lanes in stores have exploded in popularity in the last few years but not everyone is happy about that. There is an opinion that Costco should eliminate these self-checkout lanes altogether and replace them with an express lane of ten items or less.

5. The Food Court Is Overrated

Costco Food Court Hotdog
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On the flip side, the food court is also considered sub par. The food court is a popular destination in any Costco store mainly due to the low prices. With prices going up almost everywhere, you can still pick up the hot dog combo at Costco for $1.50, which is virtually unheard of in today’s economic climate. Some commenters believe that the price of the food doesn’t matter when the food itself is overrated and disgusting.

6. Lack of Customer Etiquette

Costco Customers
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Costco is a store that is almost always busy. That means there are big crowds in there consistently. Unfortunately, there is a lack of etiquette in big groups like that, as people sometimes take up almost an entire aisle with their cart while searching for the product they want to purchase.

7. Costco Has Become a Greedy Corporation Post-Pandemic

Costco Customers
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A contributor in an online forum described the changes they have seen Costco take in a post-Covid world. They said that they have noticed that prices have gone up 50% on some items, while items like certain fruits and vegetables have decreased in quality.

8. Your Membership Should Be Revoked if You Don’t Return Items

Costco Aisles
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I’m sure at some point in your life, you have put a product back in a store where it didn’t belong. Some forum members think Costco should take action and ban people who do that. The example given is that Costco should take action against people who leave frozen food items in other parts of the store, which causes them to melt and potentially ruin that food item altogether.

9. Saving Money at The Pump Isn’t Worth The Wait

Costco Gas Pumps
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Like inside the store, the Costco fuel pumps are almost always busy, and you will have to wait a little while to save some money on gas. An online discussion group contributor stated, “Saving 30 cents per gallon on a 12-gallon tank isn’t worth 20 minutes of my time spent waiting.”

10. Buying In Bulk Isn’t for Everyone

Costco Bakery
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When you shop at Costco, you know what you are getting into in terms of quantity and the size of the items you purchase. Not everyone is happy though; some think you should be able to buy in smaller portions. The muffins were a common example where some would like to buy one package instead of buying two at a time.

11. Large Families Should Be Banned From The Store

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Costco is a store that is almost always crowded, and filled with people of all age groups. Some forum members suggested that Costco should only allow two people per membership card to shop at a time to try and cut down on these crowds. Others took it a step further when they thought that Costco should ban children from being in the store altogether.

12. Costco Should Raise Prices So They Can Have More Options

Costco Food Court Menu
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One suggestion that is certain to be unpopular with people is that Costco should, in fact, raise prices in certain areas. The example given by a person online said that they would be fine with Costco raising the cost of their famous hot dog to two dollars or even a little more if they could have Coke instead of Pepsi.

13. Smaller Carts Should Be an Option

Costco Cart
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Costco is a warehouse that generally sells in bulk. With that being the case, their shopping carts are pretty big. Some commenters think there should also be the option for smaller carts for those individuals who are only there to pick up a “few” things.

14. The Quality of Costco’s Products Has Gone Downhill

Rotisserie Chickens
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One opinion mentioned multiple times is that the rotisserie chicken that Costco sells has changed and is no longer good. One respondent said there is a weird flavor once you get past the skin. Another example is the pre-packaged chicken that feels “overly processed” and not very good as a result.

15. Costco Is a Waste of Money

Food Waste
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Costco is a business that touts great prices and deals for its members. Buying in bulk and offering a limited selection of items helps them keep the costs down. With that being the case, some people buy more than they need because they see something is on sale. The problem is the food might go bad before they eat it because they bought too much. Once that happens, they have to throw it away, and it becomes money that was wasted.

16. Costco Should Charge Their Members To Use Shopping Carts

Aldi Carts
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One potential solution a commenter suggested for Costco’s many problems with carts is to charge people to use them. The example given was the store, Aldi. You must put a quarter in a slot on Aldi carts to unlock and use them. Then when you are done, you return the cart and get your quarter back.

17. The Overall Costco Experience Isn’t Worth It

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Someone made the point that when you combine everything that encompasses the Costco experience, it just isn’t worth it. Whether you are dealing with the crowds, the parking lot, having to show your membership card multiple times during your visit, the long lines, or any other number of things, it just isn’t worth it in the long run.

Costco is a popular shopping destination for a lot of people. Still, some clearly think they could improve in many different areas. What is your “wildly unpopular opinion” about Costco? Did it make this list?

Source: Reddit.



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