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No Gimmicks Here: 15 Legit Items That Shocked The Skeptics

We call them life hacks, while in some parts of the world, they are called “old wives’ tales.” Can a simple trick help in the home or sort out a niggling minor health problem?

A popular online forum recently uncovered the items that work. Here’s a list of the best solutions that defied the skeptics.

1. Vinegar and Newspaper Cleans Windows

Image Credit: By Nieuw~commonswiki – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wiki Commons.

As unlikely as it seems, this tip works. Like many people, one forum member thought this would leave newsprint on the glass, but they boldly claimed that this hack almost turns the windows invisible.

2. Use Burning Coffee To Deter Wasps

Coffee Grounds
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Nothing ruins a picnic more than wasps, but how do you stop these yellow buzzing pests? Various methods have been suggested, but one poster is convinced by burning coffee. They instruct us to take a saucer, make a pyramid of ground coffee, and light the top. Wasps instantly disappear.

3. Yoga

Ab Workout
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

While none of these findings should be taken as health guarantees, one commenter found yoga beneficial for back pain. 

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Bottles with different kinds of vinegar
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

There is no such thing as a magic potion, but apple cider vinegar may come close. One poster claims they can remove skin tags, while another has enjoyed success in the fight against sunburn, rashes, dry scalp, and dandruff.’

5. Daylight Lamps

Lamp Daylight Therapy
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Many of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but can a daylight lamp alleviate the symptoms across those dark nights? One respondent is convinced, claiming that the product ‘imitates the wavelengths of light emitted by the sun’ and boosts their ‘mood and morale.’

6. Vitamin D Tablets

Pills, Medicine, Medication, Vitamins
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

While vitamin supplements cannot be referred to as a “tip or trick,” many are surprised at the effectiveness of vitamin D. As another pick-me-up in the winter months, one forum member tells us that they lifted that soul-crushing gloom that they experience at certain times of the year.

7. Thundershirts for Dogs

Thundershirt for dogs
Image Credit: Thunderworks.

Many of our pets become nervous at the sound of thunder. Sometimes, in desperation, owners have turned to this calming jacket as a solution. Results may be mixed: One person claims it’s like magic, while another states that their dog did seem to calm down with it on, more often than not.

8. Remedies for Hiccups

Young woman with bad hiccup
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

While one respondent gives us the biological reasons why holding your breath stops hiccups, another offers a more bizarre solution: remind yourself you’re not a fish. 

9. Air Fryers

Couple Cooking
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Could this be the only cooking tool needed in your kitchen? Replies to the thread are complimentary about air fryers, and some feel that they could revolutionize the way you prepare and cook meals.

10. Cranberry Juice

Fresh Organic Cranberry Juice against a background
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

As well as being delicious, cranberry juice may help with those pesky UTIs. Many forum members had positive results, with one recommending a bit of natural cranberry concentrate in a big glass of water for instant relief.

11. Local Honey for Allergies

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Hay fever and other allergies can ruin the summer months, so this is worth a try. One reader explains the value of local honey as tiny amounts of local pollen expose the body and can help to build immunity.

12. Meditation

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

There is always a subject that divides opinion more than any other and on this thread, the award goes to meditation. Some remain skeptical, while others are more positive. 

13. Hemorrhoid Cream for Eye Bags

Close-up scared face of beautiful young woman with beautiful blue eyes and big pretty eyelashes and eyebrows. Macro of human eyes - surprise or shock, looking at camera.
Image Credit: DenisNata/Shutterstock.

I can confirm that this has worked for me, and if you’re not embarrassed about buying the stuff, give it a go. One forum member agrees, advising to dab a tiny amount and don’t get it in your eyes.

14. Turmeric for Various Ailments

Turmeric powder and fresh turmeric in wooden bowls with green leaf on old wooden table. Herbs are native to Southeast Asia.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One poster describes turmeric as an underrated superfood. Once again, we would not recommend this as an alternative to visiting your doctor. Still, forum members claim relief from neck pain and joint pain, amongst other benefits.

15. Soda Water for Red Wine Stains

Closeup of a clear glass of seltzer water with a slice of lemon
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

I’ll round off with my own tip, and it really does work. Some tell us to pour white wine onto red wine stains but try soda water instead. OK, so your carpet is now extremely wet, but the red stains should completely dissolve.

Source: (Reddit).



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