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18 Jobs That Pay 75k a Year Without a Degree (Entry-Level Too)

Did you know there are jobs that pay 75k a year without a degree?Not only that, there are MANY jobs that pay $75k per year that don’t require a degree. It almost makes you wonder why some people even bother paying for college!

If you’re thinking about a career change for more money, don’t automatically think that you need to go to college to make more. It may be as simple as getting trained in one of the high-paying jobs outlined below! 


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18 Jobs That Pay 75k a Year Without a Degree

Asking yourself, “How can I make 75k a year without a degree?” You might be looking for easy jobs that pay well without experience, or perhaps you simply want a list of good-paying jobs without degrees. Or, maybe you’re limited physically and you want to know the best non-physical jobs that pay well. We’ll hit all of these job types in the list below. But most importantly, note that this entire post is dedicated to jobs that pay 75k a year without a degree.  

Want to know more? 

Check out the job descriptions, the pay, and the experience needed in the job summaries below!

1. Real Estate Broker

Median salary: $25k – $114k

Duties: The broker represents the sellers or buyers of real estate or real property (which is super hot right now!). They tend to work independently but can also work with a company, but the pay is solely commission-based.

Certification: High school diploma and real estate license

How to Get Started: Getting Into Real Estate: 5 Steps to Becoming an Agent

2. Small Business Owner

Median salary: $40k – infinity

Duties: You could start your own business in any field – from electrical to plumbing to blogging, writing, or site building! The key here is that you wouldn’t just draw a salary like a typical job. You could work as much or as little as you want, and the sky is the limit on income! Want to earn a ton? Then add a ton of value for your customers!

Certification: No certifications needed to work for yourself. 🙂

How to Get Started: 10 Steps to Start Your Small Business

3. Postmaster

Median salary: $36k-$100k

Duties: Responsible for managing the daily operations of a United States post office. Hire, train, and supervise postal employees as well as enforce postal regulations, oversee customer service, handle administrative tasks, and manage mail distribution.

Certification: High school diploma. Additional education in public administration, communication, or a business-related field. One to five years of experience in the postal system is required.

How to Get Started: Become a Postmaster: Education and Career Roadmap

4. Web Developer

Median salary: $37k-$87k

Duties: Web developers create, modify, and manage functional websites. Web developers are responsible for programming a website and designing its user interface.

Certification: Either earn a computer science degree at a traditional college or attend a coding bootcamp. Prove your coding proficiency. Web developers are expected to master the following programming languages: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript.

How to Get Started: How to Become a Web Developer

5. Electrician

Median salary: $55k – $90k

Duties: Electricians work on power outages as well as rewiring projects for fixtures and equipment. They also handle the safety of lighting and wiring installation. They take care of the inspection of electrical components as well.

Certification: Apprenticeship and state licensing

How to Get Started: How to Become and Electrician

6. Transportation Manager

Median salary: $84k

Duties: Plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, or distribution activities (ie. make a plan for where stuff should go and when). They usually work in a warehouse and manage a staff of employees.

Certification: High school diploma. 5 years of experience in a related field. Experience in warehouse management or an understanding of shipping technology.

How to Get Started: How to Become a Distribution Manager

7. Dental Hygienist

Median salary: $57k-$96k

Duties: Meet with patients and examine their teeth before they see a dentist. Clean the patient’s teeth and identify any problem areas.

Certification: Must pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam. Many private practices also require an associate’s degree. At least it’s not a full 4-year degree though!

How to Get Started: How Long Does It Take to Become a Dental Hygienist?

8. Line Lead of Operations

Median salary: $35k-$105k

Duties: Work on a production line and manage a team of line workers in an operations setting. You’ll not only manage the team, but also keep an eye on inventory, problem solve issues, and come up with ways to speed up production without hindering the quality of the product.

Certification: High school diploma as well as extensive experience working on a production line

How to Get Started: What is a Line Leader and How to Become One?

9. Firefighter 

This is without a doubt the most dangerous profession on this list. But, if you want a career where you can help people and make a difference, then this is a great job for you. It’s also important to note that becoming a firefighter is hard. Training, tests, and being fit are all expectations when you first sign up. So even though you won’t have to go to college, you’re still going to have to study and prepare yourself daily.  And, the firefighter profession is hard to get into, and doesn’t have a high growth rate. In fact, it’s only expected to grow about 7% in the next 5 years. But if you’re determined to reach your goal or dream of being one, it is possible. 

How much do firefighters make?

A rookie firefighter will only make about 40k a year in the first few years of their career. But working hard and taking promotions can put you over the 100k mark if you play your cards right.

Getting Started: How to Become a Firefighter: 6 Steps to Success

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10. Commercial Pilot

Median salary: $112k – $240k (depending on the type of aircraft)

Duties: Commercial pilots navigate airplanes, crop dusters, helicopters, and other aircraft. Even though they can be airline pilots, they don’t necessarily have to be. They can also assist firefighters and become tour guides.

Certification: You will need a private pilot license, pass the FAA exam, and 250 hours of flight training.

How to Get Started: How to Become a Commercial Pilot 

11. Air Traffic Controller

Median salary: Around $52k-$110k

Duties: Air traffic controllers coordinate the movement of aircraft to maintain a safe distance between them (this is definitely NOT a low stress job, which is why it pays so well).

Certification: Candidates typically need an associate’s degree from the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program. But, if they have 3 years of progressive responsible work experience, they may be able to work themselves into the role.

How to Get Started: How to Become an Air Traffic Controller

12. Elevator Technician

Median salary: Around $84k

Duties: Elevator technicians oversee the installation of elevators, mechanical walkways, and escalators. They also take care of the servicing, maintenance, testing, and repairing of the electrical system and all its parts.

Certification: Apprenticeship and certification through the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)

How to Get Started: How to Become an Elevator Mechanic

13. Aircraft Mechanic

Median salary: $65k – $108k

Duties: Aircraft mechanics are responsible for repairing wings, brakes, electrical systems, and other aircraft components. They diagnose mechanical and electrical problems as well as replace defective parts.

Certification: Obtain a certificate from an FAA-approved school for maintenance or; gain at least 18 months of on-the-job experience

How to Get Started: Basic Requirements to Become an Aircraft Mechanic

14. Executive Assistant 

If you’re organized, like keeping a schedule, and don’t mind chatting with all kinds of people, you’d do well as an executive assistant.

What exactly is an executive assistant?

Also known as an executive administrator, executive assistants are responsible for managing the day to day operations of a company’s executives. Everything from their schedules to communications is managed by an executive assistant. 

Just a few of your responsibilities would be:
  • emails and calls on behalf of the executive,
  • meeting minutes,
  • and coordinating travel arrangements. 

While the average pay for an executive assistant is around 60k, there are many that earn over 100k annually.

Getting Started: How to Become an Executive Assistant

15. Information Technology Technician 

As an introvert, I’m not the biggest fan of customer service or working with people. While I can work as part of a team, I prefer to do my own thing. And if you’re similar to me, you may be looking for a job that allows you to work alone.

Look no further than information technology.

Information technology technicians…

  • help install and configure software and hardware for a company’s technology systems,
  • set up VoIP telephone systems, and more.

So if you like troubleshooting and feel comfortable working with technology, this job will be a great option for you.

How much can you earn as an information technology technician? 

Depending on your state and experience, a job may require a certificate or experience in the field before hiring you. But if you can get your foot in the door, you can earn 80k to 100k a year without a degree.

Getting Started: IT Technician – What Is It? And How Can I Become One?

16. Funeral Service Manager

Median salary: $98k

Duties: Offer counsel to family or friends of the deceased, arrange removal of the deceased’s body, prepare the remains, file death certificates, and train junior staff.

Certification: May need an associates degree in mortuary science, but not always required. High school students can prepare to become a funeral service worker by taking courses in biology, chemistry, business, and by participating in public speaking.

How to Get Started: How to Become a Funeral Service Manager

17. Railroad Conductor

Median salary: $47k-$100k

Duties: Work aboard trains and coordinate the daily activities of train crews. They also oversee the loading and unloading of cargo.

Certification: High school diploma, on-the-job training, and in some circumstances, certification.

How to Get Started: What Does a Railroad Conductor Do and How to Become One?

18. Sales Consultant

Are you charming? Can you passionately talk about a topic for hours and hours? Do people find you persuasive? If so, sales may be the right career path for you. 

The main responsibilities of a sales consultant are:

  • Finding potential clients through cold calling, lead research, and networking to drive sales.
  • Presenting a company’s products or services to potential buyers.
  • Recommending customers specific products based on their specific needs and wishes.

As a sales consultant, you’ll usually spend your days finding potential clients and networking, making presentations or meeting with potential customers, and working with customers after they’ve made a purchase. Basically, you are the face of the company and product that you’re selling. Usually, sales consultants are paid a base rate, and then make more money with commissions. For many sales jobs, your base pay can range anywhere from $30k to $60k. But, the more you sell, the more you make, and some top sales consultants make 6 figures, and even 7 figures, each year.

Getting Started: 8 of the Best Sales Jobs You Can Pursue Without a Degree

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What Jobs Are The Happiest?

You know what jobs are typically the happiest to have?

  • The ones that give you job satisfaction because they match your skillsets
  • And, the ones that are in place to help others (that’s just how we as humans are wired – when we make others feel good, we feel good!)

So as you look at the list of high paying jobs without a degree, which ones resonate with you the most? Which ones sound fun? Which ones would benefit others in a way that would please you? THOSE are the jobs that are the happiest!

What Is a Fun Job That Pays Well?

There are a ton of fun jobs out there that pay next to nothing (think ‘night club performer’, ‘professional disc golfer’, ‘artist’), but what about fun jobs that pay well? What can you have fun doing and get paid well to do it? This, of course, all depends on what your meaning of “fun” is, but based on the list above, I’d choose:

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Start Your Own Business (can’t beat working for yourself!)
  • Sales Representative/Consultant
  • Pilot

And, with a few of the options above, you not only could earn $75k a year without a degree, you could actually earn hundreds of thousands of dollars! It all depends on how hard you want to work it. Have fun AND make hundreds of thousands of dollars? Sounds like a win to me!

What Job Makes the Most Money With the Least Education?

Ironically, the jobs that make the most money with the least education are nearly the same as the list of a “fun job that pays well”. There are just a few additional ones that I’d add to the list.

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Small Business Owner (can’t beat working for yourself!)
  • Sales Representative/Consultant
  • Pilot
  • Funeral Service Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Web Developer
  • Executive Assistant 

All the above jobs could earn $75k a year, but in all actuality, MOST could make $100k a year as well (and as we mentioned in the fun jobs above, some could earn way more!). Want to make more money with a new job? These options are great ones!

Those Are The Jobs That Pay 75k a Year Without a Degree! The Next Step Is Yours!

That was a pretty extensive list. You now have 18 options for making more money without a degree. The question now is, will you actually take the necessary steps to do it?? Will you decide to earn more money? Or, will you just keep doing the same ol same ol and earn much less per year? Will you pay off your debt and live the lifestyle you deserve? If you don’t make a change today, I’ll guarantee you’ll be kicking yourself when you’re older. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t make a move and take a chance! Don’t miss your chance! 

Will you be making $75k a year in the near future? If no, why not? The choice is up to you!! 



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