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#FA Success Ep 349: Building The Marketing System Around Your Advisor Content To Get Real Marketing Results, With Olivia Luper

Welcome back to the 349th episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast!

My guest on today’s podcast is Olivia Luper. Olivia is the Founder of Lexicon Advisor Marketing, a virtual outsourced digital marketing company that specializes in working with financial advisors to generate a steady flow of prospects.

What’s unique about Olivia, though, is how she started out as a ghostwriter creating content for financial advisors and their blogs, but saw first-hand that great content alone doesn’t generate prospects if there isn’t more of a marketing system around it… so she expanded her firm to begin offering a full suite of outsourced marketing services to make the content actually generate results, from building lead magnets and mailing lists, to running social media ads to grow the list further, to writing the emails that get readers to actually schedule a first meeting.

In this episode, we talk in-depth about how Olivia has developed a 3-step process to building a marketing strategy for her advisor clients by focusing first and foremost on clarifying the advisor’s message and vision for the firm, crafting an execution plan for top to bottom marketing funnel, and then if advisors don’t want to do it themselves, providing ongoing implementation of the strategy, how Olivia has found success for her advisor clients using social media – even paid social media ads – not by trying to get clients directly but simply getting them to the advisor’s website to collect an email address that will be used to turn them into a warmer lead over time, and how Olivia warms up those new email contacts with a welcome email sequence of 7 emails over the span of their first month that is structured to not only engage with prospects, but to help build trust and nurture the relationship with the advisor to increase the likelihood of the prospect becoming a client in the future.

We also talk about how, after having her son and just finishing her Master’s degree in English, Olivia found herself between careers and was recommended by her mother-in-law (who also works in the financial advisor space) to try specializing in financial advisors because she saw the need for Olivia’s content marketing expertise in the financial services industry, how Olivia experienced some frustration early in her advisor work because she was good at creating content for advisors and getting it out there but realized that advisors didn’t know how to draw prospects to it to sustainably scale their growth, and why Olivia believes that most advisors are too timid about communicating the value of what they can provide to their prospects and that the key to better marketing success is about being more willing to simply share stories about how the advisor has helped other clients in similar situations.

And be certain to listen to the end, where Olivia shares how, while she was growing her business, she had a moment of reckoning for herself when she realized that she was employing marketing scripts that were too ‘salesy’ and focused on maximizing revenue and revamped her own marketing process to better align with how advisors aim to help their own clients in the first place, why Olivia believes that younger, newer advisors can find build more successful careers by being self-aware to find the types of clients they want to work with most and becoming increasingly well versed on the financial issues those specific people face, and why Olivia now feels fulfilled in her career as she can dive deep into her passion of helping advisors get unstuck and find the marketing messages that feel truly authentic to them so that they can continue to find more of their ideal clients and grow their firms, too.

So, whether you’re interested in learning about why Olivia takes the time to learn about her advisor clients’ vision and goals for their companies to make sure their marketing strategy is in alignment and can really help them grow, how Olivia structures each of the 7 emails in her welcome email sequence, or how Olivia develops marketing funnels to connect with warmer leads, then we hope you enjoy this episode of the Financial Advisor Success podcast, with Olivia Luper.

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