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Stucco and Vinyl were the Most Common Siding Materials on New Homes in 2022


According to the annual data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC), stucco was the most common principal siding material on new single-family homes started in 2022 (28%), followed by vinyl siding (26%), fiber cement siding (such as Hardiplank or Hardiboard (21%) and, brick or brick veneer (18%). Far smaller shares of single-family homes started last year had wood or wood products (5%) and stone, rock or other stone materials (1%) as the principal exterior wall material.

The Census Bureau’s SOC data is available by the nine census divisions and there are substantial differences in the use of siding across divisions. Although stucco was the most common siding material in the country as a whole, its popularity is concentrated in a few parts of the country. In 2022, vinyl siding was the most widely used primary exterior material in four out of nine census divisions. Vinyl siding was used on 74% of the new homes started in the Middle Atlantic, 71% in New England, 68% in the East North Central and 49% in the West North Central.

Stucco was the most commonly used primary exterior wall material in the Pacific, Mountain and South Atlantic divisions in 2022: 64%, 53% and 41%, respectively, of the new single-family homes started in those areas used it. Brick or brick veneer was the most common exterior siding material in East and West South Central divisions. In the West South Central, 59%  of the new single-family homes started in 2022 used brick or brick veneer as the primary exterior material, compared to 47% in the East South Central.

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