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How SA’s Financial Industry is Planning Ahead For Total Grid Collapse Possibility

You might be wondering, “Why are they worrying about something that might not even happen?”

Well, it’s because being prepared is always a good idea. The NCR would like to make sure we have a plan (or at least the basis of such a plan) in case something unexpected like this ever happens. It’s like when you practice fire drills at the office – it’s not likely a fire will happen, but it’s smart to be prepared.

We should give credit to the NCR for being proactive and talking to all the people involved in the industry to get their ideas and feedback. It is always great when many people get to have input. This is something that people have been discussing privately and now it is being covered on an industry level.

Even though it’s not very likely that we might see a total grid failure lasting many days, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It also shows that the NCR cares about keeping our financial world running smoothly, and is planning for such eventualities. Hopefully those who work in the industry will have good suggestions on what might be done if such a disruption does occur.

Currently they are distributing the following 3 questionnaires:

Impact of load shedding Questionnaire – Banking Sector

Impact of load shedding -Retail Sector

Impact of Load shedding Questionnaire – Generic

and comments must be sent to:

Mr Bongani Gwexe on and Ms Mmalefa Motaung on by close of business on Monday, 6 October 2023



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