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Debt Collectors: A Complete Guide

Want to get out of debt collection? You’ll need to pay the credit collection services agency to do so.

But how do you know who to pay and who the debt collection agency is? In some cases, it might be obvious. If not, here are ways to determine which debt collection agency you owe money to.

Check your credit report

You’ll want to get your credit report if you’re in debt collection but are unsure which loans are not in good standing. Your credit report is a document that contains your entire credit history, including outstanding loans that may be in debt collection.

Many debt collection agencies report to the three major credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Check all three, as some debt collection agencies only report to one credit bureau but not all of them.

Answer the phone when bill collectors call you

Sometimes, your debt collection fees won’t appear on your credit report. And sometimes, the debt can be passed onto other debt collection agencies, leaving you unsure who to contact.

In this case, you will likely have to wait until the debt collector calls you to get more information. It’s not fun; no one wants to deal with debt collectors on the phone.

But if you’re unsure who the debt collection agency is, answer the phone, get the information, and ask how to get your loan in good standing. You’ll also want to request a debt verification letter and check your records to ensure you’re not overpaying, as debt collectors can also make mistakes.



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