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Jennifer Hudson’s Net Worth – Plunged in Debt

Jennifer Hudson's Net Worth
If you’re like millions of Americans you probably saw the “Hairspray Live!” event on television last night. Additionally, if you caught the special on live TV you probably saw singer and actress Jennifer Hudson shine on stage once again.

She’s come a long way from American Idol but what is Jennifer Hudson’s net worth?

Jennifer Hudson’s Profile:

  • Net worth in 2023: $30 million
  • Profession: Singer/Actress
  • Age: 42
  • Source Of Wealth: Entertainment
  • Residence: Chicago, Illinois
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizen
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: Kennedy-King College

Jennifer Hudson’s Career

Jennifer Hudson was born on Sept. 12, 1981, in Chicago, Illinois. She was the youngest of three and the only girl. Hudson attended Dunbar Vocational High School, which she graduated from in 1999. After graduating high school she went on to Langston University, however, she left Langston after one semester because she was homesick. After leaving Langston University Hudson decided to attend Kennedy-King College, which was closer to home.

In 2002 Jennifer Hudson signed her first record deal with Righteous Records, an independent record label based in Chicago. Hudson was released from her five-year contract with the company so that she could appear on American Idol in 2004.

Hudson auditioned for American Idol’s third season in Atlanta after she’d been performing on a Disney Cruise Ship as one of the muses from “Hercules.” She made it all the way to the Top 7 on the third season of American Idol before being voted off. However, “The Los Angeles Times” named Jennifer Hudson one of the greatest American Idol singers, next to season one winner Kelly Clarkson.

Just one year later, in November 2005, Hudson was cast in the remake of the motion picture “Dreamgirls.” The film, which also starred Beyonce Knowles, was a huge hit and Hudson received numerous awards for her part in the movie. Since starring in the film Hudson has played roles in live performances and plays as well as released three studio albums.

In more recent years she’s continued work in the studio on her own individual albums as well as appearing on singles with other artists such as Pharrell Williams. She also serves as a coach on “The Voice UK” and, of course, appeared on “Hairspray Live” just last night. With all of her success over the past decade or so, what is Jennifer Hudson’s net worth?

Jennifer Hudson’s Net Worth

Jennifer Hudson's Net WorthJennifer Hudson’s net worth in 2023 is $30 million. Although she came from rather humble beginnings, Hudson has been able to rise to the top and can truly be considered a self-made millionaire. The majority of her net worth has come from her roles in various films and her entertainment career.

Her annual income ranges from $1 million to $2 million, which obviously didn’t generate the entire $30 million since 2002 when she began her career. She’s also starred in many Broadway musicals. In addition to her huge role in “Dreamgirls” she’s also played a part in the musical “Big River” and “Hairspray Live.”

Additionally, Hudson owns a massive 12,000-square-foot home in Chicago that is worth approximately $3 million. Her home contributes to her total net worth.

Outside of singing, acting, and her beautiful home, Jennifer Hudson’s net worth is also affected by an endorsement deal with Weight Watchers. Hudson, who used to be a heavier woman, used Weight Watchers to drop a ton of weight. Now she’s the face of the company and earns cash for commercials and various other endorsements for the weight loss company.

Although there are no known projects in Hudson’s future she has been able to keep her career relatively quiet. Don’t be surprised if you continue to see her in musicals and features on album singles in the near future.

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