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What’s Trending in Makeup and the Cheap Amazon Products to Match • budget FASHIONISTA

What’s trending in makeup as we near the end of 2023? As usual, beauty trends are all over the place — ranging from ’90s-inspired brown lips to rosy pink cheeks.

Here’s a closer look at eight of the most interesting makeup trends raging now, along with styling tips and the cheap products from Amazon that’ll deliver those runway beauty vibes.

Close up of woman wearing makeup, looking up.
Source: Envato.

What’s trending in makeup

1. Black eyeliner

Black eyeliner is everywhere right now.  Wear it on the top lid, bottom lid, or both. Go cat-eye or doe-eye. Any eyeliner technique you choose is probably on point, as long as it’s bold.

Applying black eyeliner

Let your eye shape determine your liner strategy:

  • Round eyes look striking with a wing at the outer edge. See my how-to on cat eye makeup.
  • Hooded eyes appear brighter with a thin line at the lash line.
  • Monolid eyes are made for a thicker, smudged liner.
  • Almond eyes? Allow your mood to inspire you, as the almond eye shape is versatile.

Cheap cosmetics for eyeliner trend

2. Bold eyeshadow

If black eyeliner feels too stark for you, or not stark enough, experiment with rich pigments on your lids. Combine deep and dramatic jewel tones for a dazzling evening look that’s sure to turn heads.

Applying bold eyeshadow

Style expert Loshane Vasilyeva shares her best advice on bold eyeshadow.

“Experiment with vibrant shades like emerald green or deep plum and blend them out for a smoky effect. To avoid any fallout, apply your eye makeup before your foundation and use a damp brush for maximum color payoff.”

Loshane A. Vasilyeva, fashion and stylist expert from

You can also check out my post on how to wear eyeshadow.

Cheap cosmetics for bold eyeshadow  

3. Rosy pinks

Barbie’s influence lingers on. We can thank everyone’s favorite doll for the rosy pink cheeks, lips, and lids that are on point this season.

Applying the pink makeup trend

Sheer, multi-function color sticks work beautifully for this trend. Simply dab your color stick on your apples, nose, and lower lids, then swipe your lips. Blend quickly with your fingers, and you’re good to go. If you have a flushed look, you’ve done it right!

Get creative and dab a little on your eyelids, nose, and chin for that perfect flush of color. Remember to blend well for a seamless rosy glow that will keep you looking fresh all day long!

Harman Awal, fashion and beauty expert from

Cheap pink color sticks

4. Vamp

Like the best literary characters, makeup trends have their foils. So, the sweet-as-can-be pink trend shares the spotlight with deep, dramatic vampy looks this season. If pink makeup isn’t your thing, try burgundy-red or dark purple lips paired with smokey eyes, strong brows, and porcelain skin.

Vamp look application tips

Choose a long-wear lip color, use eyeshadow primer, and top your liner with shadow for a softer look that stays for hours.

Cheap cosmetics for the vamp trend

5. ’90s reboot

Remember when Friends character Monica Geller inspired all of us to wear brown lipstick? Well, that look is back. Key aspects of ’90s-inspired beauty include:

  • Matte brown lips and brown eye shadow
  • Dark lip liner
  • Thin eyebrows
  • Colored mascara

Tips for applying ’90s makeup

Don’t go full ’90s. Try a brown lip shade and neutral tones on your lids. You can go light on the eyebrow pencil, but don’t do any extra plucking. You might regret that later.

Cheap makeup for the ’90s beauty trend

6. Glossy

Dewy, glossy cheeks and brows are back in the limelight once more. Pair this look with sheer pink cheeks for a glow that screams, “I just ran 5 miles on the treadmill without getting tired or sweaty.”

Applying face gloss

Get the right product and use less than you think you need. Look for a product that delivers a clear, gloss finish rather than a yellow or rose-tone sheen. Dab it on to your cheekbones and brown bones.

Cheap makeup for the gloss trend


  • This all over colorless gloss…
  • Easy to apply, just use your with…
  • Milk Makup Face Gloss is a vegan…

7. Healthy lips

Soft, plump lips — of course — are on trend in the winter, when they’re hardest to maintain. Sabira Bandali, smart shopping expert and Haul of Fame founder recommends investing in a great lip balm. Whether you’re wearing brown, pink, or vamp lips this season, a good balm will be your beauty MVP.

” A great lip balm (and lip mask before bed) will be your saving grace for keeping lips smooth, hydrated and the perfect base for your go-to Fall/Winter lip color. We love Laneige’s viral Lip Glowy Balm and Lip Sleeping Mask!”

Sabira Bandali, Haul of Fame

Application tip for healthy lips

Keep your lip balm on you at all times and make it part of your evening beauty regimen.

Affordable products you need for healthy lips

Beauty trends routinely conflict with one another and this season is no different. That’s a good thing, because you can pick and choose the looks that work for you. Not a fan of dark lips? No problem. Opt for a pink glow or light brown tones instead.

No matter which beauty look you decide to make your own, have fun with it. Because your best face forward looks even better with a smile.



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