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Saa₹thi 2.0: SEBI’s Mobile App on Personal Finance for Investors

SEBI has recently launched Saa₹thi 2.0 Mobile App on Personal Finance for Investors. The updated “Saa₹thi” app introduces a user-friendly interface with comprehensive tools aimed at simplifying complex financial concepts.

Saa₹thi 2.0 includes financial calculators, and has different modules that introduce and explain KYC procedures, mutual funds, ETFs, buying and selling shares on stock exchanges, investor grievances redressal mechanism, and the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. Additionally, the app features a range of videos designed to assist investors in their personal finance planning.

During the launch, Shri Ananth Narayan G , Whole Time Member, said, “In today’s era, where social media sometimes provides biased or misleading information, there is a significant need for an unbiased, objective, and trusted source of investment information. The Saa₹thi app serves this purpose by empowering investors with reliable and essential insights into the securities market. This tool can be especially useful for young investors who are at the beginning of their financial journey.”

The Saa₹thi app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

You can also visit SEBI’s Investor Website at

SEBI Saarthi 2.0 App



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