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Flash loans, flash attacks, and the future of DeFi – Bank Underground

Aidan Saggers, Lukas Alemu and Irina Mnohoghitnei Decentralised Finance (DeFi) may seem a tempting option for those seeking financial gain, autonomy, and self-governance… But...

Scotiabank tech spend rises 13% YoY in Q2

Scotiabank invested in technology in the second quarter driven by project-related costs and software and licensing expenses.The Canadian bank’s tech spend in Q2...


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MiB: John Hope Bryant, Operation Hope

   This week, we speak with entrepreneur John Hope Bryant, the founder and chief executive officer of Operation HOPE, which is the US’s largest not-for-profit...



Get Instant Style with These 10 Zara Picks Under $100 • budget FASHIONISTA

If you’re known in your various circles for the embarrassing number of Zara orders you place every month, you’re in good company. It’s...

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Five Things That Could Knock Nvidia Down

Posted May 29, 2023 by Joshua M Brown Okay, it’s up 10,000% since May of 2013 and is now the best performing stock...

How to Invest in ETFs as a Beginner? Is ETF Investing Safe?

In the dynamic world of investing, you’ve got a plethora of options to grow your money. One term that probably caught your eye...

Accelerating Firm Growth With A Niche: How I Built A $48M AUM Advisory Firm In 3 Years

When a financial advisor starts their own firm, they face many important choices. One of the key decisions is determining the type of...

The Bet – The Reformed Broker

Eleven years ago this spring, a startup called Betterment published a blog post stating that human financial advisors were obsolete and that the...

Quilter cuts platform charges by 15%

Quilter is cutting platform charges for new customers from June and...


My Memorial Day morning reads: • Memorial Day—for All Americans: We may disagree with one another about our vision for our country, but so...


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