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Here’s How CPAs are Using Modern Tools to Expand Their Services

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CPAs have long been associated with taxes and billing. While historically rooted in operations, a fast-changing world bringing automation along with the evolution of cloud-based ERP solutions like NetSuite has freed up space for accountants to become more strategic advisors.


If you’re a CPA or trying to get a grasp on accounting for your own company, it’s worth reading up on how the field is shifting based on the tools available and how they enable CPAs to develop broader visions. Today, certified public accountants in the U.S. make an average base salary of $81.696. That number is higher for many CPAs, and one reasonable strategy for increasing your rates is to offer more. To learn how to provide more, download this white paper on how The CPA of the Future is a Strategic Advisor.

Traditional CPA tasks like data analytics have become automated. To maximize those tools, today’s accountants find themselves needing to become more comfortable and capable with technology and use the data at hand to develop more effective business strategies.

Download this white paper and learn how experienced CPAs capitalize on this industry shift by becoming more data-driven. By getting familiar with an effective cloud-based ERP solution like NetSuite, a CPA can improve a company’s workflow, internal correspondence, and data management. This numbers-focused mindset has become such a relevant part of the modern accounting landscape that it’s even ended up on The CPA Exam.

The CPA of the Future is a Strategic Advisor points out how the changes to the exam reflect the marketplace and how CPAs capable and skilled with analytics who can better inform things like around-the-clock monitoring and auditing are in high demand right now. The first step towards getting familiar with analytics and how they relate to modern accounting is to read the white paper and learn more.

Beyond that, getting familiar with the various analytics and cloud-based ERP solutions like NetSuite out there can also get you on the right track. The CPA of The Future is a Strategic Advisor is an illuminating guide, download the full white paper today.



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