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Salesforce B2B Commerce: Everything to Know

Contrast that experience to speaking with a sales representative and relying on their help to place an order. Which process is less time consuming and frictionless?

Salesforce B2B Commerce brings that same ease and convenience to business-to-business sales. Let’s dig in to see the definition, features, and benefits of this popular and powerful platform.


B2B Commerce

Business-to-business orders can run into hundreds of units worth thousands—or tens of thousands of dollars. Unless the item purchased is unique and requires special attention, businesses would rather place orders for items online, just like individual consumers do.

To empower your business customers to place orders directly on your website, Salesforce has created Salesforce B2B Commerce. The Salesforce B2B ecommerce platform is designed to suit the complex B2B buying journey, including negotiated pricing, account-specific terms and conditions, and discounts, to give your business customers a superior online buying experience.


What is Salesforce B2B Commerce?

Salesforce B2B commerce is a low-maintenance solution that customizes ecommerce for business buyers. It lets companies build personalized ecommerce storefronts specifically tailored to large-volume purchases, with fast setup and a seamless, self-managing customer experience that maximizes profits.

How Salesforce B2B Commerce Helps

Salesforce B2B Commerce adds robust B2B features to the already powerful Salesforce platform. Other Salesforce tools already serve B2B business needs with a full range of products in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. For example, Salesforce Sales Cloud helps with managing leads and opportunities, Service Cloud helps with service delivery, and Salesforce CPQ helps manage complex bundles and pricing.

The missing piece of the puzzle is an online storefront for self-checkout. The Salesforce B2B Commerce CRM fills that gap, working seamlessly with the other tools to create an end-to-end buying experience for both self-checkout and sales-rep-assisted orders. In our opinion, it’s hands-down the best B2B ecommerce platform on the market.

Built on the Salesforce Lightning platform, Salesforce for B2B comes pre-integrated with the Salesforce CRM, allowing sales, service, and marketing to dovetail, providing sophisticated 360-degree customer insights.



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