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Let Your Frugal Flag Fly! 6 Reasons Being Frugal Is Cool 😎

I spotted a killer deal at the grocery store the other day… These Bitchin’ Chipotle Sauce things are usually $7-8 each at Costco… but I found them for only $1 at the 99c store! Woohoo!

After stacking about 15 into my shopping cart, I took a celebratory photo and sent it to my wife… She was very proud, having taught me most of the deal-hunting tricks I use today.

I don’t know about you, but I think being frugal is a cool thing. It’s something we should celebrate more and share more with the world.

Here’s some cool stuff you may not know about why being frugal is awesome…

Being Frugal Makes You More “Attractive” 😘

According to this survey done by Slickdeals a couple years ago, 92% of Americans consider frugality an attractive quality in a partner or potential partner. 92%, yo!

Not only that, 79% of people think it’s “perfectly acceptable” to use a coupon on a first date! 🤯 Woohoo! Keep on clippin’, you handsome couponers.

The survey also talks about the difference between being “frugal” and being “cheap”… While frugality is a turn-on, being cheap is a turn-off!

Being frugal: 

  • Buying off-brand items ✅
  • Shopping at second-hand stores ✅
  • Seeking deals and using coupons ✅
  • Keeping & using old electronics ✅
  • Watching movies & drinking alcohol at home instead of going out ✅

Being cheap:

  • Not leaving a tip ❌
  • Not paying when it’s your turn ❌
  • Eating expired food ❌
  • Relying on others to pay ❌
  • Skimping on hygiene & self care ❌

Frugal Habits = Comfortable (and Earlier) Retirement

Last month, Personal Capital released a survey to find out “Have Americans Become More Frugal”? The short answer is YES! And for good reason…

Here are the key survey takeaways:

  • 90.4% of respondents claim to have “frugal habits”
  • The No. 1 reason they adopt frugal habits is “to save for future investments”
  • Of those who have adopted frugal habits, 50.7% are now considering early retirement!

Wow. “Early” retirement is one the rise! It’s not just a pipe dream – more and more people are getting their financial lives together, using frugality as a cornerstone.

Mindful Spending Means More Value For Dollars

Imagine Joe and Steve each have $100 to spend.

Joe buys tickets to a ball game ($50), hot dogs ($20) and some items at the stadium gift shop ($30) on the way out. In all, Joe spends $100 to experience a ball game.

Steve is more mindful with spending… He buys tickets to the same ball game ($50), but eats food at home beforehand ($0) and doesn’t buy souvenirs ($0). Then, the following weekend, Steve buys tickets to another entire ball game ($50).

Both friends spend the full $100, but Steve’s frugal habits allow him to experience 2 ball games where Joe can only experience 1.

Simply put, spending less on things that don’t provide long-lasting value means you can spend more on things that do provide you value.

Frugal Humans Help the Environment 🌱🌎

When you buy less “stuff,” humans manufacture less “stuff.” When humans manufacture less, we use less of the Earth’s dwindling natural resources. Quite simply, really.

Did you know that humans use more natural resources each year than the Earth can actually generate within the year? Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is not sustainable, and one day, all the resources will be GONE.

Having a frugal mind-set and lifestyle can help reduce your environmental footprint. Living in excess and consuming more than you need is the opposite. 🙅

DIY Projects Increase Your Resourcefulness

If you can grow things yourself, make things yourself, and fix things yourself… you are less dependent on others. And isn’t that what we are all kind of shooting for — independence?

I’m not talking about doing everything yourself in life. There is a balance between DIY and outsourcing.

But frugal people understand that the more problems they can solve with their own two hands makes them more resourceful and gives them more options and control.

Frugality Improves Social Connections

Sometimes people are afraid to admit they are frugal… They’re worried others might shun them or cut them out of future invitations.

But I’ve experienced the opposite! The more open I am about my lifestyle, the more people I seem to connect with. 

It’s refreshing when other people admit they are trying to save money, get a good deal or waste less. Frugality actually brings people together.

A big part of being frugal is sharing, swapping, giving and receiving. All these activities improve social relationships. Think about Buy Nothing groups, co-op organizations, and even potluck meals. Sharing is caring!


So, what do you reckon? Do you think being frugal is cool? Or is my vision warped? (Could also be the cheap sunglasses I’m wearing, which I got for a bargain. Just sayin’ 😎)

Wishing you all an awesome Friday and great Super Bowl weekend!

Love, Joel



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