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Luxury Bags 101: Hermès Birkin Sizes

Hermes Birkin Sizes
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Owning a Birkin bag is the height of luxury for many people. It’s a status symbol that many work hard to achieve. The bag’s popularity comes not just from its classic design but also from its functionality, making it easy to store your belongings with the various Birkin sizes.

And a Birkin is likely to enhance any outfit you wear with attention to detail and style.

So what’s the Birkin bag’s history? What should you know about the design and the Birkin sizes? Most of all, what’s best for you and your finances? Find the answers here!

What is the Hermès Birkin bag, and what’s the history?

The Hermès Birkin bag idea was first thought of on an airplane in 1984. It’s inspired by Jane Birkin, who allowed Hermès to use her name for the bag. The creator is Jean Louise Dumas, and it’s a structured-looking tote bag with a timeless design.

The point of the Birkin bag is that you can fit all of your essentials in it while still looking stylish. There are many color options, designs, Birkin bag sizes, and even different stitching.

Hermès Birkin: Retourne vs Sellier stitching

There are two types of stitching for the Hermès Birkin bag sizes 25, 30, and 35. Retourne and Sellier. Each has its uses, depending on what you’re looking for.

Retourne stitching

Retourne stitching has stitching on the inside of the bag. Over time, it creates a more slouchy look. It’s slightly more relaxed looking than the Sellier, though depending on the leather and how you maintain it, it can retain a structured look.

Sellier stitching

Sellier stitching is on the outside of the bag. It looks a bit more rigid, with sharper edges. Bags with this style of stitching tend to hold their structure very well over the long term.

Both styles are classics and will complement your wardrobe well. It’s just about the details with the stitching and whether you prefer the bag to look more or less structured.

Hermès Birkin sizes

So what are the different Hermès Birkin sizes? Well, they come in several different sizes. Each size can be useful for particular activities, such as going out bag, a day/work bag, or for travel.

Hermes Birkin Bag Size Comparison

Birkin 35, 25, and 30 comparison – Image Credit:

That said, let’s get into the various Birkin sizes, starting with the smallest Birkin size.

Birkin 25 size

Gold Birkin 25 - fashionphile

Birkin 25 Retourne – Image Credit:

Chai Birkin 25 Sellier - Fashionphile

Birkin 25 – Sellier – Image Credit:

The Birkin 25 size is approximately 9.8 x 7.8 x 5 inches. It’s known as the mini Birkin because it’s the smallest Birkin size you can buy. It’s ideal for days out, date nights, and quick trips around town.

It can hold the essential items you’ll need for several hours, but it isn’t spacious enough to hold more than a few things at once.

Birkin 30 size

Craie Birkin 30 - Fashionphile

Birkin 30 Retourne – Image Credit:

Etain Birkin 30 Sellier - Fashionphile

Birkin 30 Sellier – Image Credit:

The Birkin 30 size is approximately 11 x 8.7 x 6.3 inches. This is an excellent bag to take with you through your whole day, including work, errands, or a dinner with friends.

It will hold more than the Birkin 25 size and can fit a few more items, so you’ll have everything you need for a full day with the Birkin 30 size.

Birkin 35 size

Etoupe Birkin 35 - Fashionphile

Birkin 35 Retourne – Image Credit:

Black Birkin 35 Sellier - Fashionphile

Birkin 35 Sellier – Image Credit:

The Birkin 35 size is approximately 14 x 9.8 x 7 inches. It comfortably fits your main essentials like a water bottle, wallet, keys, and phone with you with plenty of room left over.

In addition, you’ll have space for a small planner or electronics with the Birkin 35 size. This is a great work or travel bag if you don’t mind that it does not have a shoulder strap!

Birkin 40 size 

Bougainvillea Birkin 40 - Fashionphile

Birkin 40 – Image Credit:

HAC Birkin 40 Blue Jean - Fashionphile

Birkin 40 HAC – Image Credit:

The Birkin 40 size is approximately 15.7 x 12 x 8 inches. It’s an excellent overnight or travel bag as it will hold clothes, a laptop, all essential items, and more.

This bag has two versions – the standard Birkin 40 and the HAC Birkin 40. The HAC Birkin 40 is a bit larger, especially height-wise, giving it a rectangular appearance. So if you want to store extra things, you might opt for this instead.

Why are Birkin bags so hard to find?

No matter the Birkin sizes, it is still an elusive fashion item. You can’t simply order it from Hermès and be done with it.

If you want to buy a Birkin directly from Hermès, you have to go to a store to establish a relationship. You can’t order it online (unless you purchase one preowned or from resellers), making it even more challenging to purchase.

Birkins are also made by hand by a single craftsperson, so when you do acquire one, you know that it’s very special. It’s truly an investment piece for your wardrobe.

Hermès special order bags

For clients that are considered VIPs, Hermès offers something called a special order. With a special order, the client can create their own custom Hermès bag, choosing specific color combinations and leathers. This makes the bag unique and, therefore, even rarer.

The Birkin is one of the bags that can be specially ordered, although other Hermès bags also have this option.

Where to find a Birkin bag

It’s pretty exhausting to think about the best place to find a Birkin, considering how in demand they are. There are, however, a couple of ways to acquire a Birkin, but you should be prepared to wait on the right one, as it is a considerable cost investment.

You can buy an Hermès Birkin directly from the store or online. If you buy from Hermès, you know that the bag is guaranteed genuine.

Buying one online can be a bit of a gamble because you can get scammed. If you do choose to buy online, know that it will be expensive, do your research, and look for a reputable seller.

Hermès stores

You can buy directly from Hermès, which is the best option if you can get one this way. While it may be time-consuming and difficult, you need to go to an Hermès store in person.

You’ll need to make friends with a sales associate, and they may be able to help you get one. It’s usually a long, slow process, but it can pay off in time.

Preowned/from resellers

The alternative to buying a Hermes bag directly from the store is to buy one preowned or from a reputable reseller. Keep in mind prices can be 100 to 300% higher than actual resale depending on the Birkin bag size, leather, and color.

You also want to make sure you do your due diligence when it comes to ensuring this expensive purchase is authentic! Below are a couple of the most popular places to purchase preowned.


Fashionphile has a good selection of Hermès Birkin bag sizes. If you simply can’t wait and have the cash, this might be a good alternative. You can purchase online or visit one of their storefronts in select major cities in the U.S.


Rebag is another place you may find a Birkin. Although you still need to make sure you’re buying a legitimate item and not a fake one, you can likely find some great options on this website.

The RealReal

The RealReal is another popular destination to purchase Hermes Birkin bags. And if you are in a major city across the U.S. e.g. New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, etc, you can stop by their retail stores to see these bags in person.

How to style Birkin bag sizes

This is not too difficult because a Birkin bag will usually add to your outfit, even if you’re wearing something very simple. Remember these tips to be the most fashionable one in the room!


If you want to keep attention on the Birkin bag and go for a timeless look, wear an outfit that is minimal in style and doesn’t distract from the Birkin. A solid-colored dress with heels, trousers and a blouse, or even jeans can work well.

You should also make note of the Hermès Birkin sizes and know how large of a purse you’ll be carrying or if you have the smallest Birkin size. That way you can coordinate your wardrobe.

For example, a Birkin 25 size is probably best for a night out, while a Birkin 40 size works well with a traveling outfit when you’ll be at the airport.

Here you’ll find a few combinations to pair with your Birkin that are sure to be winners.

  • Causally: Chelsea boots, Levi’s, and a classic turtleneck or mock neck that complements the bag’s color.
  • Dressed up: The essential little black dress and sandals or heels, depending on the weather and activities for the day.
  • For work: Trousers, a casual blazer, and a blouse for work with a low heel.

Add scarves/Twillys

You can accessorize the Hermès bag itself using scarves or Twilly’s from Hermès. It adds color and makes your bag stand out in a very unique way. To add to the sophistication of an Hermès Birkin, add this accessory.

Remember to consider the Birkin sizes so your accessories don’t overpower the bag itself. Be mindful of having too many accessories with your Birkin, too, because a little goes a long way.

How to save up for an Hermès Birkin bag

It’s probably evident by now that these bags don’t sell cheap. They are a highly popular item that isn’t even available all the time and they increase in value, which is surprising for a fashion item.

So it’s no small matter to save up for an Hermès Birkin bag. But this info can help.

Cost of a Birkin bag

Prices for a Birkin bag start around $10,000 or a bit more and can go up to much higher prices. So you should be prepared to make quite an investment for this fashion statement.

Remember that $10,00 is on the low end of what you’d pay, but you might pay several more thousands for a more expensive Birkin. Think about Birkin sizes and materials and any cost factors you can think of before buying.

Initial cost

Remember that there are several costs associated with the Hermès Birkin bag. The first is the initial cost that you pay for the bag itself. This will vary depending on the style, whether you buy new or used, and the size.

But your initial cost isn’t all there is to pay.


Just paying for the bag isn’t the only thing you’ll need to save for. You’ll also need to maintain your investment. If you want your Hermès Birkin to keep looking lovely for years, you’ll need to pay for maintenance on occasion.

What you pay depends on your specific purse and how well you take care of it. But expect to pay $300 or more on occasion for a repair or spa treatment from Hermes.

And, of course, do routine maintenance on your bag on your own to keep it looking nice. Things like stuffing the bag to hold its shape, and keeping it in a dust bag, free from dirt, can go a long way.

Open a high-yield savings account dedicated to buying the bag

Purchasing an Hermès Birkin bag isn’t something that most people can do without saving up or taking time to think it over. Depending on your budget, this item may take a few years to save up for.

Open a high-yield savings account dedicated to buying the bag. Your savings will grow over time with some interest and give you a place to put your money where it won’t get mixed up with any other savings goals. Be patient as you save, as well, knowing that all your hard work will eventually pay off.

Avoid debt

Debt payoff is a higher priority than buying a Birkin bag in pretty much every circumstance. Before attempting to buy something like this, you must avoid debt and pay off anything you owe with credit cards, car payments, etc.

This is because a Birkin bag is a huge expense, so it’s best for people who aren’t already trying to make a bunch of payments for other things. You want your Birkin bag to be something you enjoy – not something you are struggling to pay for or worried you shouldn’t have bought.

Is it worth it to own a Birkin bag?

With all the expense and time spent searching for the right one, is owning a Birkin bag even worth it? Should you consider a more cost-effective option instead?

It depends on your values and lifestyle

It’s a tricky question, and the answer really comes down to you, your finances, and your preferences. It’s not the same for everyone.

For some, the massive cost of the Birkin will drive them away. They have other goals they’d rather save for, and a purse isn’t high on that list. If you agree with this, then a Birkin bag probably isn’t worth it for you.

But others who aren’t bothered by the cost and can easily save for it may find this to be a good fashion investment. If you value your purse collection, are not in debt, have savings, and feel that it’s a good idea, then a Birkin bag might be something to look into.

Consider the cost and the various Birkin sizes first.

It’s possible to own the luxury Hermès Birkin bag when you save up for it!

You can absolutely buy an Hermès Birkin bag if you find it valuable to you and you save up for it. While it’s not a purchase to take lightly due to the high cost, you can definitely do it if you are determined and patient.

Wondering how to improve your wardrobe in the meantime? Clever Girl Finance offers plenty of other articles about luxury fashion, style, and beauty!



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