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1935 Cadillac Model 355-D Convertible Sedan

1935 was the year my mother was born, and it was also the final year of production for the Cadillac 355.

The American luxury car maker stunned the market with the introduction of new 12- and 16-cylinder models in the early 1930s. But it was the V8 cars that were the mainstay for Cadillac across America. The 355D was a new design, more streamlined than the prior 355C. It came as a 2- or 4- door convertible, Coupe, Sedan, Towncar, and Limousine. Large, swoopy front fenders and the pontoon shapes at the rear, it held a more presence on the road.

Its 353ci L-head V8 paired with a three-speed manual transmission produced 135 horsepower, an increase in power over the prior years. It was made in multiple variants:

Unfortunately for Cadillac, there was not much demand for a large expensive luxury car in the midst of the Great Depression. Not many were manufactured, and few remain today.

But she was a grand old gal, a wonderful tourer. She was one-of-kind, making her presence felt where ever she went. Just like mom…


Source: Bring A Trailer

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