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How to Fix “You’ve Been Logged Out” on Instagram »

If you are having issues logging in to your IG account, this post is for you. Here, we have explained how to fix “you’ve been logged out” on Instagram.

How to Fix "You've Been Logged Out" on Instagram

The “You’ve Been Logged Out” error has become a persistent issue on Instagram. At the moment, many users are complaining that they are denied access to their accounts.

Besides, some even mentioned that they tried to change their password, thinking that their account must have probably been hacked. However, the problem persists even after every effort.

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The error message reads;

You’ve been logged out. Please log back in.

Some users also see the message as:

The account owner may have changed the password.

If you are getting either of these messages, you can’t log in to your Instagram account on the mobile app. However, the Instagram web version should be working fine, and you can still access Instagram using your PC.

Many Instagram users are currently experiencing this error. However, we have explained below why the Instagram app is displaying the “you’ve been logged out” error and how to fix it.

How to Fix "You've Been Logged Out" on Instagram

Why does my Instagram say you’ve been logged out?

The “you’ve been logged out” error on Instagram is caused either by a bug or glitch or because the Instagram server is down. Later in May 2022, the Instagram app wasn’t responding to a good number of users. Instead, they were forcefully logged out of their accounts.

When a user attempt to log in, they are immediately logged out. Thus, they couldn’t use the Instagram app. Although, it appears that the problem only persists on the mobile app.

Going forward, users can still access Instagram from their PC. You can log in to Instagram by visiting the Instagram website.

You can fix the “You’ve Been Logged Out” error on Instagram by confirming if the Instagram server is down. Afterwards, if you find out that Instagram is down, then you can wait for a while till it gets fixed.

Else, you can reinstall Instagram or clear the app’s cache. However, some users wait able to fix the error on their own by changing their IG account password.

However, you can still use the web version to access your account.

How to fix “You’ve Been Logged Out” on Instagram

Find out if down

Find out if Instagram is down

To begin with, you need to ascertain that the Instagram server is down. In that case, you can use the DownDetector website and see if there is a spike or irregularity in the chart. If you notice a spike, likely, Instagram is down.

Otherwise, you can follow similar discussions on Twitter. This will help you discover if the error is a general one or if you are the only one having issues. Consequently, if there is no conversation created yet about this issue, you can start one and people experiencing a similar issue will leave their comments.

Usually, if Instagram is down, many people should be tweeting about it. This is enough to tell you that you are not alone on this one.

Wait it out

We have established that the “You’ve Been Logged Out” error could be because of a bug or glitch, or maybe the Instagram server is down. Regardless of the cause, the best choice would be to wait it out. Common errors on Instagram are usually resolved after some time.

Contrary to many people’s opinion, the Instagram error is not caused by an account theft through attempted hacking. It is simply due to a glitch.

Nonetheless, it could also be that your account has been limited by carrying out repetitive tasks. Doing certain activities like following, commenting or liking repeatedly could limit your account. Thus, what you can do with the Instagram app could be reduced, or you may be logged out of the app completely.

However, you only need to wait it out to fix the error.

Wait it out

Reinstall the Instagram app

Consider reinstalling Instagram to see if this resolves the error. Reinstalling an app could help clear its cache and can be very helpful in fixing specific errors, while a re-installation will help you stay up to date using the recent version of the app.

Usually, bug fixes are considered in some Instagram updates. Reinstalling an app will help you take care of that.

What do you do if you get logged out of Instagram?

If you cannot access your Instagram account due to being logged out, wait a while, and then you can try logging in again. Most error cases are resolved within a day, and users will be able to access their Instagram accounts.


As some claimed, you may try to change your password if it works. However, modifying your Instagram password could get you logged out of all your devices.


If you are looking for an easier way to resolve the “You’ve Been Logged Out” error, use the Instagram website on your PC. Some users can still access their accounts from the Instagram web version.

Hence, you can use the web version to access your account and wait for a while before retrying on your mobile app.

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How to Fix "You've Been Logged Out" on Instagram

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