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Salesforce Campaign Best Practices: Everything to Know

Salesforce Campaigns vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs Salesforce Pardot

Depending on the type of business you run, you may need to reach out to millions of customers in the B2C space or hundreds or thousands in the B2B space. Although the Salesforce Campaigns object is robust enough to cover both scenarios, Salesforce offers separate products targeted more specifically to each use case.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed for B2C companies that can run multi-channel communications with customers and track their user journeys.

Salesforce Pardot is more suitable for companies working with B2B Clients.

Both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Pardot can deliver marketing communications and tracking.
By contrast, Salesforce Campaigns can work to some degree with both B2C and B2B clients, but they’re used exclusively for tracking.

Types of Campaigns to Consider for a Business

Regardless of the nature of your business, here are some campaigns to consider:

  • Focused Email Campaign: A focused email campaign sent to a group of businesses can be a very effective way to get the word out about the latest launch of a product or service. You can run and track the progress of this kind of campaign from Salesforce.
  • Seminar/ Conferences/Webinars: Running a seminar/webinar is a great way to get new leads who might be interested in your product or service. The seminar/webinar should add value for potential customers. Adding value for free can increase the chances that a lead will turn into a sale.
  • Banner Ads: Banner Ads display your products and services in online searches for the relevant keywords. You can track the performance of these banner ad campaigns using Salesforce.
  • Partner Campaigns: Businesses in the B2B space who sell their products or services through a partner channel can increase their ROI by running a campaign with a partner. Both you and your channel partners benefit from this joint effort.
  • Referral Campaign: Referral programs are a must-have for B2B and B2C businesses. A referral campaign helps you get customers or good-quality leads from existing customers or clients. New potential clients are more likely to trust you if they’ve been referred to you by someone they know.


What is Salesforce Campaign Management?

After you’ve set up Salesforce Campaigns and created campaign records, you need to know about Salesforce campaign management. This is the process of managing and tracking Salesforce Campaigns from the campaign creation stage to the opportunity close stage.

There are two types of campaigns to manage:

  1. Campaigns to generate leads: You may run some campaigns to generate leads. This might be an email inviting members to join a workshop or opt-in for a free demo. You can add people who accept as Campaign Members for that campaign.
  2. Campaigns to nurture leads: You may run other campaigns to nudge existing leads into taking an action — like buying a product or service, scheduling a meeting with a sales agent, or sending reminders. After an associated lead record gets converted to an account, opportunity, and contact record, you can add it to the campaign as a Campaign Member.

Best Practices For Salesforce Campaign Management

It’s easy to run a Salesforce Campaign using the Campaign object, but for best results, stick to these best practices:

Create Different Record Types For The Campaign Object For Different Marketing Initiatives

If you’re running different marketing initiatives like webinars, email campaigns, and banner ads, create different Record Types in the Campaign object to track each one. This will let you filter your campaigns by Record Type, which makes reporting easier. It also helps you create different Page Layouts in Salesforce to display relevant information.

Set Up Campaign Influence



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