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The Best Mobile Trading Apps for Android and iOS of 2022

Today’s society lives on the go. If you’re like most, you’ve got a mobile app for banking, budgeting, ordering pizza, and even checking your door when the bell rings. 

Investing and trading has changed significantly too. Between online brokers and mobile trading apps, access to the stock market has gone mobile as well. 

However, if you’ve traded online and moved to a mobile app, there’s a chance your experience changed significantly from one to the other. Unfortunately, many apps just aren’t as intuitive as their desktop counterparts, but there are plenty of exceptions to that rule. Below you’ll find a list of the best trading and investing apps on the market today.

The Best Mobile Trading Apps

Our pick for the overall best trading app, thinkorswim, offers a wide range of features with no disconnect between the desktop and mobile versions. The app offers commission-free trading, in-depth research and analysis tools, and tools for testing your strategy before you use it in the live trading environment. 

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Other apps on this list shine in at least one or two areas. For example, E*Trade is a great option for beginners, Robinhood offers free stock, and WeBull offers diversification with cryptocurrencies

Best Overall: thinkorswim

Thinkorswim Logo

TD Ameritrade says its popular trading platform thinkorswim was developed by traders, for traders. Its features are evidence that support the claim. 

The thinkorswim platform is known for its advanced trading tools including real-time, interactive charts with all the technical indicators you would ever need, whether you’re trading stocks, futures, or forex, or options. 

There are plenty of technical analysis tools for advanced traders, which creates a slight learning curve for beginners. But, you’ll quickly find that everything on the platform is where you need it when you need it.  

You can also build watchlists to keep an eye on upcoming trading opportunities. 

The functionality of the thinkorswim platform goes beyond real-time trading too. TD Ameritrade knows its success depends on its users’ success, and the company obviously takes that seriously. As a member, you have access to educational resources and tools like OnDemand backtesting, which lets you test your trading strategy prior to risking your hard-earned money in the market. 

Best for Beginners: E*Trade

Etrade Logo
  • Assets Available. Stocks, ETFs, options, and futures. 
  • Trading Commissions. Commission-free stock, ETF, and options trades. 
  • Minimum Deposit and Minimum Balance. $0 minimum balance on most accounts; $2,000 minimum balance on margin accounts. $0 minimum deposits on all accounts. 

E*Trade was founded in 1982 and has grown to become a leading online broker. The company’s mobile app is impressive, especially for beginner investors. The platform offers interactive charting and technical indicators, so it’s also a great option for advanced trading. 

Most traders will enjoy the functionality of the platform and the user-friendly way the data and tools are presented. 

If you’re not familiar with the stock market at all and aren’t comfortable building and managing your own portfolio, E*Trade has the solution. Tap into prebuilt portfolios so you don’t miss out on gains while you learn. 

Additional Features:

  • Margin Accounts. Advanced traders can access margins with a $2,000 minimum account balance. 
  • Live Market Commentary. Get trade ideas and insights with live market commentary. 
  • Research and Screeners. Read research articles from top publishers and find the opportunities you’re looking for with interactive stock screeners

Best for Fractional Shares: Fidelity

Fidelity Logo
  • Assets Available. Stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, mutual funds, and fixed-income assets
  • Trading Commissions. Commission-free stock, ETF, and options trades. 
  • Minimum Deposit and Minimum Balance. $0 minimum deposits on all accounts. $2,000 account minimum on margin accounts, but otherwise no minimum balances. 

Fidelity was founded in 1946, making it one of the oldest stockbrokers that’s still around today. However, the company stays on top of innovation in its industry, maintaining its place as a market leader. 

One big benefit of trading with Fidelity is access to fractional shares. Fractional shares make high-priced stocks more accessible because you don’t have to buy an entire share. Instead, you can buy as little as $1 worth of any stock available on the platform. 

Although more and more brokers are starting to offer this functionality, Fidelity was one of the first, showing how the company continues to evolve with the times. 

Additional Features:

  • Technical Analysis Tools. Fidelity’s mobile app comes with a wide range of tools including interactive charts and all the technical indicators you’ll need to pinpoint entry and exit points. 
  • Podcasts and Webinars. Listen to podcasts and watch webinars to get market insights you won’t find anywhere else. 
  • Get Ideas. Read articles categorized by trading and investment themes to get ideas for your next moves. 

Best for Paper Trading: IBKR Mobile

Ibkr Logo
  • Assets Available. Stocks, ETFs, options, futures, bonds, and forex. 
  • Trading Commissions. Commission-free trading on stocks, ETFs, and options. 
  • Minimum Deposit and Minimum Balance. No minimum deposits. When making trades on margins, you must have in your account either 100% of the value of the trade or $2,000, whichever is lower. 

Interactive Brokers is a popular trading platform, especially among active traders. The platform really shines when you want to pin down a trading strategy or make changes to a strategy you’re already using. 

That’s because your membership comes with access to a free paper trading account. 

Paper trading is simulated trading that lets you test your strategies in real-time using real market data, but with simulated digital money. So, if something goes wrong, you don’t lose any real capital.  

Additional Features:

  • Global Market Access. Gain access to more than 150 markets around the world. 
  • Trading Tools. Take advantage of interactive trading charts, technical indicators, and advanced order types to bring your trading to the next level. 
  • Research. Read institutional-quality research and make more informed trading decisions. 

Best for Free Stock: Robinhood

Robinhood Logo
  • Assets Available. Stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency.  
  • Trading Commissions. Commission-free stock and ETF trades. 
  • Minimum Deposit and Minimum Balance. $0 minimum deposit and balance on most accounts. Requires a $2,000 minimum balance on margin accounts. 

There are a few online stock brokers that have launched free stock promotions, but Robinhood was the first. As the pioneer in this style of marketing, Robinhood has offered free stocks for new members and members that refer friends for some time now and shows no sign of stopping the offer. 

You earn one share of free stock just for opening a self-directed brokerage account and making your first deposit. You get five free stocks when a friend you invite signs up and makes their first deposit. Most free shares you earn this way are valued in the single digits but you may get lucky and get a high value stock.

Additional Features:

  • Ease of Use. Robinhood isn’t convoluted with tools you’re not going to use as you trade. This makes the app easy to navigate. 
  • Access Crypto. You can trade crypto on the Robinhood app, but access is limited to the most popular tokens. 
  • Order Types. There are several order types to choose from, giving you more control over your trades. 

Best for Educational Resources: Schwab Mobile

Schwab Mobile Logo
  • Assets Available. Stocks, ETFs, and options. 
  • Trading Commissions. Commission-free trading. 
  • Minimum Deposit and Minimum Balance. There are no minimums on most accounts. Margin accounts require a $2,000 minimum balance. 

Charles Schwab is one of the most trusted brokers online today, and its mobile app is just as impressive as the desktop version. However, Schwab’s app really shines in the education category. 

Trading is a risky process, and the more educated you are, the better your outcome is likely to be. Schwab has gone above and beyond with its educational materials. The materials cover everything from the basics of the stock market as a whole to advanced trading strategies and concepts. 

When you use the educational tools the app offers, you’ll quickly learn how to analyze market data and exploit trends for profits in the market. There’s a strong chance you’ll learn something of value even if you’re an expert with decades of experience. 

Additional Features:

  • Breaking News and Real-Time Data. Never miss a beat in the market with breaking news notifications. 
  • Trading Tools and Charts. Access interactive charts, technical indicators, and other tools to improve your performance. 
  • Advanced Order Types. Multi-leg orders and other advanced order types are available on the app. 

Best for Diversifying With Cryptocurrency: Webull

Webull Logo
  • Assets Available. Stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency. 
  • Trading Commissions. Commission-free trading. 
  • Minimum Deposit and Minimum Balance. No minimums with the exception of a $2,000 minimum balance on margin accounts. 

Webull isn’t just one of the best stock trading apps, it’s one of the best cryptocurrency trading apps. Sure, Robinhood offers access to some of the most popular coins, but with Webull you get access to more crypto assets than any other discount stockbroker online today. 

In fact, there are 37 cryptocurrencies to choose from, ranging from mainstays like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to altcoins like Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Tezos (XTZ).

Additional Features:

  • Free Stock. You get two free stocks to open an account and three free stocks when you make your first deposit. 
  • Advanced Trading Tools. Webull provides several advanced trading tools and order types to help you improve your trading performance. 
  • Easy to Use. Even though there are plenty of advanced tools and order types, the platform is easy to navigate and use. 

Methodology: How We Select the Best Mobile Trading Apps

We used six metrics when we compared mobile trading apps for this list: trading fees, accessibility, ease of use, regulation, investment options, and customer support. Here’s how we assessed each option above. 

Trading Fees

You’re in the market to make money, but stockbrokers are too. Some brokers charge trading commissions each time you make a trade, which can cut into your profitability. Trading commissions cost active traders the most, so we expect a mobile trading app that enables you to trade on the go to dispense with these fees altogether. 

All apps on this list come with industry-low fees and commission-free domestic stock and ETF trades. 

App Availability

You’ll need to be able to access the trading app if you’re going to use it. Before we went deep into the review of each potential addition to the list, we made sure the app was available on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. 

Ease of Use & Trading Experience

You don’t want to spend most of your trading session looking for the right indicator, order type, or stock. So, we assessed the ease of use of each app and only included apps that were intuitive and simple to navigate. 

We also read consumer reviews to get an idea of the experience traders had when using the apps. Those with the best real-world reviews ranked the best on our list. 

FINRA Regulation

FINRA is a membership-based regulatory body that brokers facilitating securities trades in the United States must register to join. This regulation is important because it protects you from brokers that may disseminate false information or mislead their investors. 

All apps on this list are products developed by FINRA-regulated brokers. 

Investment Options

There are many types of investment products on the market. When you have access to more choices, diversification becomes easier. 

Moreover, different account types come with different tax treatments. For example, retirement accounts have tax advantages. 

We gave a high level of importance to apps that offered access to a wide range of asset classes and multiple account types. 

Customer Support

When you work with a trading app, you’re taking part in a financial service. It’s important that the service has a team that’s ready and able to answer questions about your money. We dug into the customer support offered by all trading apps and only listed those that made it easy to contact an agent. 

Mobile Trading App FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It’s normal to have questions about financial platforms and products, including mobile trading apps. Some of the most common questions are answered below.

Can I Trade Safely on My Mobile Device?

The best mobile trading apps make huge investments in security. All the apps listed above have multiple layers of security, including two-factor authentication and encryption when data is transmitted. Trading on these apps is just as secure as trading on desktop applications. 

Do All Mobile Trading Apps Give Away Free Stocks?

No. Only a select few trading apps run free stock promotions. The best two with this promotion are Robinhood and Webull. 

How Do I Start Mobile Trading?

It’s easy to get started as a mobile trader. Simply download one of the apps above and you can trade stocks. However, it’s best to do your research and pin down and test a strategy before risking your hard-earned money in the market. 

How to Choose the Best Mobile Trading App

Your mobile trading app should fit your needs like a glove. The first thing you should do is think about what your needs are. Are you an expert trader who needs access to advanced order types and technical indicators? Are you just learning the ropes and in need of a simplified trading environment? 

Advanced traders will want to choose an option like thinkorswim or Interactive Brokers that comes loaded with advanced tools and capabilities they’ll want to use. Beginners may be better suited by a platform with fewer bells and whistles, like E*Trade or Robinhood.

Also, think about the types of assets you plan to trade. If you’re interested in traditional assets, any of the options on this list might be a good fit. However, if you want to diversify your holdings with cryptocurrency, Webull is going to be the place to go. 

The bottom line is that, like you, each mobile trading app is unique. So it’s best to consider your unique needs and the features of the apps you’re interested in when deciding which is the best fit. 



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