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Have You Signed Up? – Debtfree Magazine

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Debt Review Awards 2022

The Debt Review Awards Peer Review process is an annual, cross industry peer evaluation process. All those who are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) on their public database are eligible to be considered throughout the year during the process.

You can find the NCR database or register at https://ncr.org.za/  under the tab ‘registrants‘.

If however, you would like to be eligible to officially ‘win‘ a Golden Piggybank Award (be announced as the highest rated in your size or type category) the organisers ask that you formally sign up and register. This is easy and can be done HERE.

Please note that only those authorised within a large credit provider can sign up on behalf of the “brand” or department. This is checked by the Awards organisers and audit team to ensure no duplication in submissions.

Criteria & The Gala

The criteria this year (2022) have not changed from those used during the 2021 process (when the Covid-19 related questions introduced temporarily in 2021 were then removed). Credit providers and Debt Counsellors are rated in relation to turn around times, customer service, handling queries and core functions related to the debt review process (including activity at court or tribunal).

The core criteria have consistently been in use for many years and were created with the help of Debt Counsellors, industry trainers, credit providers, Debt Counsellor associations and credit provider associations. For more information about the criteria used you can visit www.debtreviewawards.co.za.

This year the Awards gala will be held in Cape Town, at the end of September, as a hybrid event with a small crowd of sponsors and nominees meeting in person and everyone else able to tune in via live stream on Youtube. For more information, you can visit www.debtreviewawards.co.za.




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