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Cash Converters Debt Review Now Handled By Consumer Friend

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Cash Converters Debt Review

Cash Converters have decided to make use of award winning credit provider debt review service provider Consumer Friend for their debt review cases.

Cash Converters Personal Finance (Quickdraw Software Solutions (Pty) LTD) have announced that they will now be making use of the outsourced debt review services of  Consumer Friend (Samdale Trading (Pty) LTD) from the 20th of June 2022.

‘both new and existing debt review matters’

This means that Debt Counsellors, on behalf of their clients, can deal with Consumer Friend regarding both new and existing debt review matters for Cash Converters. Documents will be able to be uploaded and downloaded on the DReX system.

Other Clients

Consumer Friend look after a wide portfolio of credit provider debt review matters for several clients such as:



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