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Be Still and Know Bible Verse Bookmarks

Stillness…the world needs more stillness!

There’s so much upheaval and stress inducing situations in everyone’s lives.

But God promises us peace and that often comes in the stillness and quietness of our hearts and days.

Today, I wanted to remind you of this precious and VITAL verse!!!!

“Be Still and Know” -Psalm 46:10

Check out these be still and know Bible verse bookmarks for your quiet times with the Lord! 

Be Still and Know Bible Verse Bookmarks

I love the way God presents things in His word. If you read all of Psalm 46, God starts by pointing out some pretty terrifying things: mountains carried to the sea; roaring, troubled waters; the earth removed; mountains shaking.

Truly let your mind think about them. Not just like a “story” but REAL events. If those REAL events were happening today because these are definitely not the everyday things we are facing.  This isn’t the “I don’t know how I’m going to pay my utilities” or even “I don’t have anyone I can rely on”.

And please don’t misunderstand me…those are big issues in our lives.  But when you compare those things to mountains shaking and being moved to the sea, they seem “doable” – that there’s a way to work them out.

But the real point is this…all of those “big” things mentioned in Psalm 46 were followed by God saying “…behold the works of the Lord, who has made desolations in the earth. He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariot in the fire. Be still, and know that I am God…”

God is ALWAYS there and He’s ALWAYS God! He’ll take care of the BIG things – including your life and meeting your needs.

If we shouldn’t worry and stress in those SUPER HUGE things like mountains moving into the sea, why should we stress about our bills or how to find help on a problem? 

Look at the air, does God not feed the birds (Matthew 6:26)?!

DUDE! I have to tell you this story!!!

I have this bird…dumb as all dumb can be. Pretty as all PRETTY can be, but dumb as a rock. 

All day long, that thing comes to my window in my bedroom and pecks its beak at the window. It flies up at the window as if to come in the window and hits its feet at the window. 

It does this REPEATEDLY! 🤯

We looked it up online and it says it probably thinks it’s a predator or someone threatening the nest. But I don’t think it is. Because when I’m not there (not seen by the bird or I’m sleeping), it does that for like an hour straight. Then, when I come to the window, it settles down and sits there. If I put my finger to the window, it opens its beak.

I almost think he’s hungry, but we looked up the type of bird and it eats stuff in a birch tree, which happens to be the kind of tree at my window. So it’s getting fed. I honestly think it’s doing it for attention. Because when I come, he settles down. When I’m not there, he goes to my kids windows and then all around the entire house to all the windows that have 3 windows (rectangle style). He only goes to those kinds of windows. When my kids are there, he’s freaking out and stuff, but then I go to the window at my kids windows, and he settles down and sits there and just watches. So weird.

My daughter has named the bird, Chicken. No idea why. Just….Chicken. So that’s his name. SUPER annoying because he wakes me up every morning, but it’s not just mornings that he’s doing it. He does it periodically ALL…DAY…LONG! 

Finally, yesterday I put aluminum foil on all the windows. Looks so stupid, I know, but I wasn’t getting any sleep! The bird starts this process at 4:45 am! Like I am just not even HUMAN at that time in the morning. 😂

After I put the aluminum foil on the window, he doesn’t fly at it or peck at it anymore because he can’t see me. He flies to the other windows now to try to find me (it seems?) I have no idea what this bird wants with me, but I do have a way of attracting animals, and NO….I’m not Dr. Doolittle okay. 😜 But animals just come to me and it’s weird. I was in the park (I wasn’t eating, was just taking photos) and this deer comes out of the thicket on the other side of the park walking straight up to me. She got within a few feet away from me (in front of me) and it scared me so bad because deers are rather large animals. Freaked me out. Idk why animals want me. I’m not the biggest animal fan, but even when I visit friends or people to buy used stuff from (Facebook Marketplace), their pets always really adore me. It’s just weird! If anyone has any thoughts on that or why it’s happening, I’d LOVE to hear! 😊

But this bird, I mean, it’s dumber than ice, trying to fly into the window to get in all the time and I keep thinking to myself…”Wow, if God can feed the most dumbest of animals, this bird, why do we even worry about food?”

Really. I mean, we have intelligence. We have strategies. We are smart. We can figure things out. We can work. If God fees the dumbest bird like that one flying into my window non-stop 😂 guys…SURELY…He will feed YOU, His precious redeemed, okay! 

We shouldn’t fear. Why? Because God is already there. He’s already taken care of it, He’s just walking US through it in real time. That’s all it is really!!! 

When terrors hit, when things frighten us, we can know, without a shadow of a doubt, if we are saved, He will take care of us. If He allows something bad to happen, it’s because of our own unrepented habitual sin, a test/trial, or it’s for our own best interest (to learn something, to have something better or different, etc.) Let me be clear, punishment isn’t for those that are STRUGGLING with their sin, trying to be better (meaning, let’s say you’re anxious about how you’ll pay your bills this month, but you are trying really hard to NOT be afraid and to trust Him), but rather, punishment is for those that are WILLFULLY DISOBEDIENT.

It is the Hebrew word, Marah. 

It’s a rebellious thing. Marah. It was what the Israelites were in the wilderness when they walked with Moses. It’s rebellion, disobedient. It’s CHOOSING to not obey. THAT is punished. If you are not rebellious toward God, willfully disobeying Him, you won’t be causing your own punishment! And any GOOD parent WOULD punish rebellion and willful disobedience. 

If your child walks up to you, slaps you in the face, and curses at you like a sailor, you tell ME that you’re NOT going to punish them!!! I don’t care WHAT parent you are and how relaxed you are in your parenting style, you’d punish. 

That’s what we’re talking about here. When we are rebellious, stubborn, prideful, willingly and choosing to be disobedient when we KNOW He wants us to do something (or not do something) and we do not obey Him, we are in essence, slapping Him in the face and subject to penalty. 👉 The more you know that, the better for you it will go.

Why do I say that? 

If you know that truth, and you are in rebellion to God as a Christian, you can EXPECT punishment.

If you repent, turn from your sin, and do what is right (or what He asks you to do), the punishment will stop (or be prevented, depending how far along you are in it and where He is in His redemptive plan of punishing you). We must be a godly people, a people who do NOT rebel from God. God IS God and this verse, dear loved ones, says it all! I…AM….GOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s what these bookmarks will remind you…just be still. Know that He’s got you. Know that He loves you and cares for you. You’re in the palm of His hand. Put them in your Bible, in every book you read and share them with your friends and family as a reminder to be still and KNOW!

Be Still and Know Bible Verse Bookmarks

Download the Be Still and Know Bible Verse Bookmarks here.






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